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Ashley R. Denson

Groomit has joined forces with Teloz, the top cloud center services provider, to bring you an even better grooming experience.

- Groomit

groomit's Partnership with Teloz's Services

The partnership aims to enhance customer support services by leveraging Teloz’s advanced cloud-based contact center solutions. With this partnership,  will be able to streamline its customer support operations and provide a seamless experience to its clients.


Teloz, has helped Groomit, a mobile pet grooming service, by providing them with advanced cloud-based contact center solutions to streamline their customer support operations. It allowed to track and measure customer support performance & gain valuable insights.

About US

Groomit is a leading provider of mobile pet grooming services in the United States. Established in 2018, It offers a unique and convenient grooming experience for pets and their owners. Their mission is to provide high-quality grooming services that enhance the lives of pets and their owners. Pet owners can schedule a grooming appointment from the comfort of their home or office, and a certified groomer will arrive at their location to provide grooming services for their pets. Also groomit’s groomers are highly trained and experienced


Groomit’s mobile grooming service is available in select cities across the United States, and it eliminates the need for pet owners to transport their pets to a grooming salon. Instead, a certified groomer arrives at the pet owner’s location with all the necessary equipment and supplies to provide grooming services for their pets. Also, their groomers are carefully vetted and undergo a rigorous training program before they begin. It’s grooming professionals are also insured and bonded, ensuring that pets are safe and protected during the grooming process. 


It provides a complete solution for pet grooming needs, offering high-quality mobile grooming services, customized grooming options, a wide selection of grooming products, and expert advice and guidance.  pet owners can rest assured that their pets are in good hands.


Teloz’s platform provides valuable insights into their customer interactions, such as call volume, wait times, and customer satisfaction ratings. This data can be used to identify areas for improvement and optimize contact center performance.


Swadeshmobile has formed a partnership with Teloz to leverage their robust cloud contact center services. 


It has received positive reviews from customers on various platforms, including Google, Yelp, and Trustpilot. Customers have praised it for its high-quality services

Positive FeedBack

It has received a lot of positive feedback from its customers who are satisfied with its high-quality pet grooming services.

Solution Process

Groomit can use Teloz cloud contact center services to drive sales and marketing efforts.

Future Plan

To use Teloz’s omnichannel support features to offer consistent cx Routing features to ensure that customer inquiries are directed correctly integrate Teloz’s platform with its existing systems, such as its CRM Analytics and insights features, to gain a deeper understanding.

Aims to enhance its customer experience, improve its operational efficiency, and expand its services to new regions.

To expand its VoIP services to reach a wider range of customers with offering more features and capabilities.

Integrate with Teloz to provide a seamless experience for customers who use both services with all integrations.

Prioritize security to ensure that customer data and communications are protected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Groomit is a mobile platform that connects pet owners with local groomers. Pet owners can easily access high-quality grooming services through Groomit's user-friendly mobile app. The platform provides a seamless experience for both pet owners and groomers by simplifying the grooming process and ensuring reliable and convenient services.

Teloz assisted Groomit in overcoming challenges during the launch of its mobile grooming platform by providing technical expertise and support. Teloz helped Groomit with the development of its mobile app and website, ensuring a seamless user experience. Teloz also provided guidance on marketing strategies and customer engagement, helping Groomit to attract and retain customers. Additionally, Teloz's ticket management system and advanced reporting and analytics helped Groomit to efficiently manage customer support requests and improve its operations.

Teloz has helped Groomit evolve its business strategy in several ways since the launch of its mobile grooming platform. Firstly, Teloz provided Groomit with valuable insights into customer behavior through data analysis, which allowed them to tailor their services to meet customers' changing needs. Teloz's marketing expertise has helped Groomit expand its customer base and reach new markets. Lastly, Teloz's ongoing technical support and maintenance services have enabled Groomit to continuously improve its platform and provide better customer experiences.