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Daniel E. Eaton

Chief Executive Officer

the company's
the company's
Responsible for making
major corporate decisions in Teloz

About Us

Strategy and Vision

 I have set the teloz’s overall strategy and vision, including identifying the target market, developing new services or features, and ensuring the company's offerings are aligned with customer needs.

Business Development

 Drive business development efforts by identifying potential clients, developing partnerships, and establishing relationships with key stakeholders. And beneficial relationship with Teloz.

Financial Management

Manages the company's financial resources and ensures that the business operates profitably, by tracking revenue, controlling expenses, and making smart investments.

Leadership and Culture

Set the tone for the company'sculture and lead the team towards success by inspiring and motivating employees, setting clear goals, and holding everyone accountable.

Innovation and Technology

Oversee the development and implementation of innovative technologies and processes that improve the company's efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness.

Key decisions

Makes important decisions such as hiring/firing executives, entering new markets, or approving large expenditures. To grows its business, and delivers value to its customers.