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Empower Your Calls: 805 Area Code Benefits

805 Area Code Benefits



Communication is key in the modern business world, and telephone numbers play an integral role in how businesses connect with customers. The right phone number can convey professionalism, establish your location, and help build trust with your audience. If you operate a business in Southern California, an 805 area code number could be the ideal solution for enhancing your communications.

The 805 area code covers regions like Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo, giving businesses a local presence across these areas. But 805 numbers aren’t just for landlines anymore – virtual phone services now allow businesses to utilize this coveted area code and enjoy advanced features like call routing and analytics.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the advantages of 805 phone numbers for businesses and how virtual telephone solutions can maximize their benefits. We’ll also look at the powerful tools and customization options offered by Teloz to take your 805 number to the next level. Let’s dive in!

What’s the Location of the 805 Area Code?

805 Area Code

Before highlighting the benefits of 805 phone numbers, it helps to understand where this area code originated. The 805 area code was one of the original area codes established in California in 1957. It initially covered the central and southern coastal regions of the state including Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura, and extending to parts of Los Angeles County.

Over the decades, the 805 area code has come to be strongly associated with the cultural heart of coastal Southern California. For both residents and tourists, it evokes a laidback lifestyle, ocean views, vineyards, and idyllic small beach towns. Using an 805 number can connect your business to these positive perceptions.

Understanding the 805 Area Code:

The 805 area code is centered around Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo counties. Major cities covered include:

  • Santa Barbara
  • Ventura
  • Oxnard
  • Simi Valley
  • Thousand Oaks
  • San Luis Obispo

It also extends to portions of Los Angeles County including Calabasas, Malibu, and Westlake Village. In total, the 805 area code spans around 12,500 square miles and serves around 2 million residents.

Originally a single widespread area code, increasing demand resulted in the 805 region being split into two area codes in 1991. Today, 805 identifies the coastal southern section while inland regions use area code 661.

Why Choose an 805 Area Code Number?

805 Area Code Number

There are many advantages to using an 805 area code for your business phone number:

  • Local Presence – An 805 area code gives your business a local footprint in Southern California, helping you connect with customers in this region. Local numbers can enhance trust and make you appear more accessible.
  • Branding – The 805 region has a strong brand identity. Using this area code aligns your business with coastal Southern California and can support marketing efforts.
  • Reach – You can use an 805 number to serve customers across various cities like Santa Barbara and Ventura from a single number.
  • Credibility – Well-established businesses are often associated with local original area codes like 805. It signifies you are a stable, long-running operation.
  • Cost – Local numbers are cost-effective, especially when used as virtual numbers with advanced features included.
  • Flexibility – Virtual 805 numbers provide flexibility to conduct business anywhere while maintaining a consistent local presence.

Now let’s explore the concept of virtual numbers and how they make the benefits of an 805 area code available anywhere.

Advantages of Virtual Numbers:

Traditionally, an 805 number could only be obtained by purchasing a landline in the 805 region. However, virtual phone services have changed the game.

Virtual phone numbers are phone numbers that are not tied to a physical phone line. Instead, calls to the virtual number can ring to any cell phone or landline you choose.

Virtual 805 numbers provide flexibility since they can be set up remotely without needing a physical presence in the 805 area. You can buy a virtual 805 number even if you live anywhere in the U.S.

With cloud-based phone services, virtual numbers also come with powerful features:

  • Ring multiple devices at once
  • Seamlessly transfer calls between lines
  • Customize separate greetings for business vs. after-hours
  • Host conference calls
  • Connect toll-free numbers

The versatility of virtual numbers creates new possibilities for how businesses utilize the 805 area code. Next, let’s look at the benefits for small businesses specifically.

Benefits for Small Businesses

For small and medium-sized businesses, an 805 virtual phone number provides an affordable way to establish a local footprint in Southern California.

Without needing to rent office space or set up landlines in the 805 region, small businesses can project the image of having an established local presence. Customers who see an 805 number are more likely to feel you are an accessible local business they can trust.

A virtual 805 number also puts small businesses on an equal playing field with bigger companies when it comes to communications. For a low monthly fee, small businesses gain access to the same sophisticated call management tools used by large enterprises.

When paired with advanced features, a virtual 805 number offers small businesses:

  • Professionalism on par with larger companies
  • Increased customer confidence
  • Flexibility to work from anywhere
  • Lower costs than traditional landlines

For small businesses looking to expand their reach in Southern California, a virtual 805 number is an easy and effective option. And with the right provider like Teloz, you can customize it fully to suit your needs.

Why 805 Numbers Are Awesome for Business Here’s the Deal
Local Vibes An 805 number gives you local status in all the classic SoCal spots like Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo.
Customers Dig It People trust local numbers more and find them more accessible.
Branding Goals The 805 area code aligns you with the laidback coastal California lifestyle.
Maximum Reach One 805 number can cover calls from SB to Ventura.
Work from Anywhere Virtual 805 numbers let you work remotely but keep a consistent local presence.
Save Cash Virtual 805s cost less than old-school landlines.
Scale Up It’s easy to add more numbers and features as you grow.

Real-world applications of 805 Area Code Numbers with Teloz

Teloz enables businesses to leverage 805 numbers in impactful real-world ways. For example, a startup software company based in the Bay Area was seeking to expand its customer base in Southern California. By acquiring a virtual 805 number with Teloz, they were able to present a local presence in the region, helping them connect with more leads and drive conversions. The advanced call routing features allowed sales calls to be instantly distributed to reps regardless of location.

Another business that benefitted from Teloz’s 805 numbers is a boutique PR agency in Los Angeles that took on a client in Santa Barbara. Obtaining an 805 number with configurable call handling allowed the agency to seamlessly provide customized service to this new geographic area. The Santa Barbara-based 805 number lent them local credibility while intelligent call routing kept operations centralized in Los Angeles.

Establish a Strong Presence in California with a Dedicated 805 Area Code Business Number from Teloz


Teloz offers you the sought-after 805 country code, ensuring credibility and recognition when customers come across your business contact. By having this local area code, customer trust grows, leading to enhanced communication and rapport.


Whether you’re steering a small local venture or a larger enterprise in Southern California, Teloz provides the ideal virtual number to propel your business forward. Experience our service firsthand with a complimentary week-long trial today!

Advanced Features and Customization

Advanced Features and Customization

Teloz virtual numbers can be completely customized with advanced features:

  • Call Routing – Forward calls to any number or even multiple devices to never miss a call. Route calls differently for business hours vs. after hours.
  • Voicemail – Professional voicemail greetings are included with unlimited messages. Voicemails can be received via email as audio files.
  • Auto Attendant – A customized interactive voice menu that provides options for callers to easily reach the correct department.
  • Analytics – Review call logs, voicemail usage, call duration and other insights. See which marketing campaigns are generating calls.

These professional features help businesses handle customer communications smoothly and project competence. Teloz also makes it easy to control settings through online dashboards or mobile apps.

Building Brand Reputation

A local 805 number presents a consistent image that builds trust and familiarity with customers. Studies show over 70% of customers feel local area code numbers are more trustworthy.

Teloz virtual phone numbers help build brand recognition in Southern California. Features like custom greetings, voicemail, and call routing allow businesses to deliver top-notch customer service.

With Teloz, an 805 number helps elevate your branding and reputation with every call. The call analytics also provide data to optimize your approach. A professional local presence translates into standing out from competitors.

Why Choose Teloz for Your 805 Numbers?

When researching providers for virtual 805 numbers, Teloz offers distinct advantages:

Reliability – Teloz uses tier-1 infrastructure to ensure world-class reliability and call quality.

SupportTeloz provides U.S.-based support available via phone, email and chat.

Security – Teloz secures all virtual numbers and account data with encryption and multi-factor authentication.

Scalability – Easily add additional numbers or features as your needs evolve. Seamlessly integrate with CRM platforms.

Proven Experience – Teloz has over 15 years of experience delivering virtual numbers and communications solutions.

By partnering with Teloz for your virtual 805 number, you benefit from the expertise of an established, dependable provider.

Setting Up an 805 Area Code Number with Teloz:

Getting started with a virtual 805 number through Teloz takes just minutes:

  • Select your desired 805 number – browse available numbers in your local area.
  • Choose features – select add-ons like toll-free numbers, voicemail, call routing and more.
  • Configure settings – easily customize greetings, call handling preferences, and forwarding numbers.
  • Begin using your new 805 number – start directing customers to call your professional local number.

Teloz makes the process fast and straightforward. Their team can also help advise the best configuration and features to meet your specific needs.


For businesses in Southern California, an 805 area code virtual phone number offers significant advantages. It provides the flexibility to establish a local presence anywhere combined with powerful professional features.

Teloz virtual numbers enable businesses to optimize communications, enhance branding, improve customer service and present a credible image. Domestic support, security, reliability and scalability also ensure your 805 number can evolve with your needs.

If you’re looking to strengthen engagement and trust with customers in regions like Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo, a virtual 805 number could be an impactful and cost-effective addition to your phone system. Contact the team at Teloz today to learn more and get started with your own 805 number.

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