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844 Area Code


What is an 844 Area Code Number?

844 is one of the toll-free area codes used in the United States and Canada. Toll-free numbers allow customers to call businesses without being charged long-distance fees.

The 844 area code was one of the newest toll-free codes introduced in 2013 to meet the growing demand for toll-free numbers and provide additional capacity.

844 joins the other toll-free area codes like 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, and 833. However, 844 numbers have the advantage of being memorable and easy to recite. The repetitive double digits make 844 numbers stand out and are easier for customers to remember.

Below is a comparison of the different toll-free area code numbers:

Area Code Release Year Notes
800 1966 The original toll-free area code
888 1996 Easy-to-remember numbers
877 1998 Numbers in high demand
866 2000 Popular vanity numbers
855 2010 Introduced due to number depletion
844 2013 Repetitive and memorable
833 2017 Newest toll-free code

When you get an 844 number for your business, callers don’t have to worry about long-distance charges. They can call your number for free regardless of their location. This makes it easier for both new and existing customers to get in touch with your company.

The key advantage of 844 compared to other area codes is how memorable and distinct the numbers are. The repeating digits make 844 numbers stand out and are easier to recall. This helps improve call answer rates when clients try to contact your business.

What is an 844 Area Code Number and How Can it Help Your Business?

The 844 area code is one of the most popular toll-free area codes in the United States. An 844 number allows customers to call your business for free, which can help increase call volume and improve your customer service.

An 844 area code number is a toll-free phone number that starts with 844. At Teloz, we specialize in providing businesses with 844 numbers which offer many benefits. With an 844 number, your customers can call you for free regardless of their location. This helps you increase call volume, improve customer satisfaction, and expand your reach. Teloz makes it easy and affordable for companies to get a memorable 844 toll-free number that aligns with their brand. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how an 844 number from Teloz can help your business grow.

The Benefits of Using an 844 Toll-Free Number

Getting an 844 toll-free number has many advantages that can significantly improve your business communications and marketing. Here are some of the top benefits:

888 area code

Increased Call Answer Rates

One of the biggest challenges many businesses face is missing calls from prospective customers. An 844 toll-free number helps increase your call answer rate in two ways:

  1. It’s free for customers to call you. Removing any cost barriers encourages more people to call your business.
  2. The repetitive 844 digits are easy to remember. This means fewer missed calls from clients forgetting your number.

Studies show that toll-free numbers can improve call answer rates by 40% or more compared to local numbers.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Customers prefer calling toll-free numbers over local numbers. An 844 number provides a better customer experience and improves satisfaction by:

  • Removing friction from calling your business. Customers don’t have to worry about long-distance charges.
  • Making your business seem larger and more established. Toll-free numbers give a perception of greater size and success.
  • Being more memorable so customers always have your number handy.

This leads to happier customers who have an easier time contacting your company when needed.

Enhanced Brand Image

A toll-free 844 number can enhance your brand image and reputation in the minds of customers:

  • It makes your business look more professional and trustworthy.
  • Shows that your company is successful enough to afford a toll-free number.
  • Gives an impression that you have a national presence, even if you serve a local area.

The right 844 vanity number that matches your brand can further improve your image. For example, CARPET844 for a carpet cleaning business.

Increased Lead Generation

More prospective customers will call your 844 number since it’s free compared to calling a local number. This directly translates to more leads and sales opportunities for your business.

An 844 number also allows you to run national advertising campaigns and expand your reach. Advertising a toll-free number makes it easy for interested customers all over the country to respond to your ads by calling.

Reduced Marketing Costs

Toll-free numbers are very affordable, especially when you consider the benefits. And you save on long distance charges when customers call your 844 number.

You also save on local advertising costs by being able to run national campaigns using your toll-free number instead of different local numbers.

Below is a summary of the key advantages of getting an 844 toll-free number:

Benefit Description
Increased call answer rates Remove barriers to calling. Easy to remember the number.
Improved customer satisfaction Frictionless calling experience. More professional image.
Enhanced brand image Looks more successful and established.
More sales leads Encourages more prospects to call.
Reduced marketing costs No long distance fees. Run national campaigns.

Ideal Uses for 844 Numbers

844 toll-free numbers are versatile and can benefit many types of businesses in different industries. Here are some of the best uses and situations where an 844 number would be ideal:

Customer Support Lines

Customer Support Lines (1)

An 844 number is perfect for customer service and support calls. It makes it easy for customers to find help when they need it without worrying about long distance charges.

Sales Calls

Use an 844 as your sales line so prospects can call in for free. It generates more calls and leads. Vanity 844 numbers starting with “CALL” also work great.

Business Phone Number

Replace your local business number with an 844 toll-free number so customers can call you for free from anywhere.

Appointment Scheduling

Let customers book appointments by calling your 844 number instead of a local number. Remove any barriers to them scheduling appointments.

Event Registrations

Promote an 844 number for people to call to register for your upcoming events, seminars, etc. Make it frictionless to register.

National Ad Campaigns

Use a single 844 number in your national advertising so customers can easily call you and respond to ads.

Nonprofit Donations

Nonprofits can have a dedicated 844 number for people to call to make donations and pledges.

As you can see, an 844 toll-free number has many versatile uses for all types of businesses. It’s all about removing barriers for your customers and making it easy for them to call you.

What Locations Can You Get an 844 Number?

844 numbers are toll-free numbers designated for the United States and Canada. When you get an 844 number, it can be used to receive toll-free calls from both countries.

The 844 area code is not used for toll-free numbers in other countries. Each country has its own toll-free codes:

So 844 numbers are exclusively for use in the US and Canada. You cannot get an 844 number if your business is located in any other country. The number will only work for incoming calls from American and Canadian numbers.

But one of the advantages is that 844 numbers let you present a single national toll-free number, even if your business is located in just one state or city.

For example, a local business in Seattle can get a Los Angeles 844 number and advertise it nationwide. Now customers can call the LA 844 number toll-free even though the business is in Seattle.

How to Get Your Own 844 Number

How to Get Your Own 844 Number

Getting your own 844 toll-free number is fast and simple. Here are the steps:

1. Contact a Toll-Free Number Provider

There are many telecom companies and toll-free number providers that can help you get an 844 number. Companies like Teloz offer full-service options for setting up and managing your 844 number.

Benefits of using a provider include:

  • Instant setup of your new number
  • Porting of your existing phone number (if you have one)
  • Ongoing management, hosting, and support for your number
  • Usage tracking and call analytics
  • No contracts or commitments

2. Choose the Right Number for Your Business

You have many options for finding the perfect 844 number such as:

  • Vanity number – Get an 844 number that spells out your business name or keyword like 844-CARS-NOW.
  • Numeric – Choose an easy-to-remember 844 number combination like 844-424-4242.
  • Local area code – This makes your business seem local to a specific city like 844-555-1234.
  • Industry-specific – Matches your business niche like 844-FLOWERS.

Make sure to choose an 844 number that is catchy, memorable, and aligns with your brand. This will make it easier for customers to recall.

3. Register Your New 844 Number

Once you’ve selected your new 844 toll-free number, your provider will register it and reserve the number for you.

They handle the activation process with toll-free administration authorities. Within 24-48 hours your new 844 number will be ready for use.

4. Start Using Your 844 Number

Now you can immediately start using your new 844 toll-free number. Begin updating your website, business cards, ads, and marketing materials with your new 844 phone number.

For quick setup, have the calls forwarded to an existing business phone number or voicemail. For advanced capabilities, use a cloud-based phone system that can power your 844 number with features like:

  • Call routing
  • Voicemail and auto-attendant
  • Call analytics
  • CRM integrations
  • Call tracking

And make sure your team is trained to properly answer this new 844 number when customers start calling!

Getting an 844 toll-free number is easy and fast with these simple steps. Within a day or two, you can have your new 844 number ready for your business.

Are 844 Area Code Numbers Still Available?

Yes, 844 numbers are still widely available in 2023. However, many existing 844 numbers are already taken, especially vanity 844 numbers that spell a common word or name.

The 844 area code was introduced fairly recently in 2013, so there are no immediate shortages like with older 800 and 888 numbers.

But 844 number availability is decreasing each year as more businesses adopt them. It’s estimated that around 7.5 million 844 numbers are already assigned.

So while 844 numbers are still available, act soon if you want a specific number like an 844 vanity number matching your company. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to find certain 844 numbers in the future.

Here are some tips to get an 844 number before availability becomes an issue:

  • Search now – Check if your desired 844 number is still available. Don’t wait.
  • Act fast – If you find an available number you want, reserve it quickly.
  • Be flexible – Have a few different number choices in case your first pick is taken.
  • Use a broker – They can help find and procure available numbers.
  • Consider other toll-free codes – 833, 855 or 822 numbers are options too.

The key is taking action now to get your preferred 844 before someone else does in the coming years.

How Do 844 Area Code Numbers Work?

844 toll-free numbers work like any standard phone number. When a caller dials your 844 number, it routes their call to your configured destination.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of how 844 numbers work:

Call Routing

When someone dials your 844 number, special network routing first identifies it as a toll-free number. The call is then sent through the toll-free network to reach your assigned destination.

You can configure your 844 number to route calls to:

  • Your office business phone system
  • Voicemail
  • Call center
  • An auto-attendant menu
  • Individual employee extensions
  • Remote locations
  • Cell phones

This call routing flexibility enables many uses for your 844 number.

Long Distance Charges

The biggest benefit of toll-free numbers is the caller is not charged long-distance fees. When a customer calls your 844 number, the long-distance charges are billed to your account instead of the caller’s.

So customers can call your 844 number free from anywhere in the US or Canada, even if they are out-of-state. This expands your reachable audience.

Long-distance fees on 844 numbers average 2-3 cents per minute based on location. International toll-free numbers are more expensive.

Number Portability

If your business already has an existing phone number, you can port it to become your new 844 toll-free number. Number porting transfers your current number onto the toll-free network to start working as your 844 number.

Number porting can take a few weeks to fully complete. So work with a professional toll-free provider to coordinate the porting process.

Monthly Costs

Ongoing fees for your 844 number include:

  • Monthly service charges
  • Long-distance usage costs
  • Advanced features like voice menus and vanity numbers

Average costs range from $5 – $15 per month plus long-distance fees for your 844 number. Vanity and premium numbers cost more.

Compare plans from different providers to get the features you need at the best price.

Analyzing Usage

With a toll-free provider, you get access to call analytics for your 844 number. View reports on:

  • Number of calls
  • Peak calling times
  • Locations
  • Call duration
  • Wait times
  • Abandoned calls

This helps you optimize the use of your 844 number and improve the customer experience.

Tips for Using an 844 Number Effectively

Follow these tips to maximize results from your new 844 toll-free number:

Promote It Everywhere

List your new 844 number prominently on your website, ads, business cards, packaging, storefront, etc. Make sure customers know about your toll-free number whenever they interact with your brand.

Use as Sales Contact Number

Your 844 number will generate more leads when used specifically for sales versus general support. You can even get a vanity 844 number like 844-BUY-CARS.

Train Staff on Proper Usage

Educate everyone who answers your 844 number on providing excellent customer service. First impressions matter when prospects call your toll-free number.

Add Self-service Options

Consider configuring an automated attendant, call forwarding menus, and voicemail on your 844 to handle after-hours calls. This provides 24/7 support.

Monitor Performance

Check usage reports and metrics regularly to see how your 844 number is performing. Watch for trends and optimize when needed.

Share on Business/Listing Profiles

Add your 844 phone number to your Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other business profiles where customers look for contact information.

Use in National Campaigns

An 844 number lets you efficiently run national marketing like TV ads. Tracking will reveal lead sources.

Test Effectiveness

Run A/B tests with your 844 number versus other local/toll-free numbers to compare performance. The results may surprise you.

Optimizing your 844 toll-free number will maximize positive outcomes for your business. Driving more callers to your 844 number accelerates growth.

Why Buy an 844 Number From Teloz?

Why Buy an 844 Number From Teloz

Teloz provides complete solutions for setting up, managing, and using your new 844 toll-free number. Here are key reasons to get your 844 number from Teloz:

Instant Number Setup

We make it fast and easy. Tell us what 844 number you want, and we’ll get it ready to use right away. No wait times.

Number Porting Available

We can port your existing phone number to become your new 844 toll-free number. This preserves your current number.

Premium Call Management

Our advanced call-handling technology routes calls however you want. Scales to any call volume.

Vanity Numbers

We have a large inventory of catchy and memorable vanity 844 numbers. Find one that aligns with your brand.

Excellent Customer Support

Our USA-based support team is ready to help you before, during, and after getting your new 844 number.

Call Tracking & Analytics

Our online portal gives you real-time insights into your 844 number’s performance.

No Long Contracts

We don’t lock you into any long term contracts. Stay with us as long as you’re satisfied.

Affordable Plans

Keep costs low with our competitive rates. Only pay for the features you actually need.

To get your 844 toll-free number now, visit or call us anytime at 844-GET-TELOZ.


An 844 toll-free phone number can transform your business communications and marketing. These memorable area code numbers make it easy for customers to contact you from anywhere.

With the many benefits like increased calls, better customer experience, professional brand image, and higher conversions, there is no reason not to get an 844 number for your business.

Teloz simplifies the process of purchasing, setting up, and managing your new 844 toll-free number. And we provide the advanced call management functionality to handle 844 calls efficiently.

Stop losing business to competitors with hard-to-reach local numbers. Get a toll-free 844 number from Teloz to boost inbound calls today!