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Call Philippines with Teloz: Global and Affordable Dial +63

Call Philippines


How to Call Philippines from Another Country: A Step-by-Step Guide

Calling friends, family, or business contacts in the Philippines is easy when you understand the process. With the right country code and area code, you can connect a call from a landline, mobile phone, or VoIP app with just a few extra dials.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to successfully call numbers in the Philippines from overseas.


Calling internationally can seem complicated at first. But don’t worry – with the right tools and information, it’s straightforward to place calls to the Philippines from abroad.

Call philippines

The keys are:

Knowing the Philippine country code (+63)

Inputting the correct Philippine area code

Dialing the full local number

Using suitable international calling services

With this knowledge, you’ll be prepared to easily Call Philippines from fixed landlines, mobile devices, and internet-based phone services.

Placing affordable international calls to friends in the Call Philippines helps you stay connected and strengthen your bonds no matter the distance between you. With just a few extra dials, you can call from abroad to catch up, share news, and feel closer even when apart.

This guide will cover everything you need in clear, step-by-step instructions. Let’s get started!

How to Call Philippines from a Landline Phone

Call Philippines numbers from a landline involves a few simple steps.

You first need to dial your international exit code, then the country code, area code, and finally the full local number.

Here is an overview of how to dial the Philippines from a landline phone:

Step 1: Dial the International Exit Code

Every country has an international dialing prefix you’ll need to enter first when making overseas calls from a landline.

Common international exit codes include:

USA/Canada: 011

UK/Europe: 00

Australia: 0011

Hong Kong: 001 

Refer to the table below for a more extensive list:


Country International Exit Code
USA 011
Canada 011
UK 00
Spain 00
Germany 00
France 00
Italy 00
Australia 0011
New Zealand 00
Japan 010
China 00
Philippines 00
Singapore 001

Dial the appropriate exit code for the country you are calling from to initiate an international call.

Dial the Philippine Country Code

Step 2: Dial the Philippine Country Code

The country code for the Philippines is:

  • +63
  • After inputting your international exit code, dial +63.
  • This code ensures the call will be routed to the Philippines telephone network.

Step 3: Dial the Philippine Area Code

The area code identifies which province or city the number your calling is located in.

Some common area codes in the Philippines include:

Manila: 02

Quezon City: 02

Davao City: 082

Cebu City: 032

Angeles City: 045

Refer to this area code reference:

Area Area Code
Manila 02
Quezon City 02
Davao City 082
Cebu City 032
Angeles City 045
Bacolod 034
Cagayan de Oro 088
Baguio City 074

After dialing the Philippine country code, input the appropriate 2-4 digit area code.

Step 4: Dial the Local Number

Finally, dial the full 7-8 digit local phone number you are trying to reach.

Be sure to dial the number exactly as it is formatted locally.

Once you have input the exit code, country code, area code, and local number – the call will be connected!

With this simple four-step process, you can now easily manually dial landlines in the Philippines from abroad.

Call phillipines

How to Call the Philippines from a Mobile Phone

You can also place Call Philippines numbers using your mobile phone instead of a landline.

The process is quite similar overall, with a couple of small differences to be aware of when calling internationally on a mobile device.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Check International Dialing Codes with Your Carrier

Most mobile providers have a shortcut code you can dial instead of the full international exit code. Common options are:

Verizon: + 011

AT&T: +

T-Mobile: +011

Check with your mobile carrier to confirm what code to use when making international calls on your phone.

Step 2: Dial the Philippine Country Code

Just like on landlines, you’ll need to input the Philippine country code +63 next.

This routes the call to the Philippine telephone network.

Step 3: Dial the Area Code

Enter the 2-4 digit Philippine area code for the region you are trying to call, such as 02 for Manila.

This will direct the call to the correct local area.

Step 4: Dial the Full Local Number

Finally, input the 7-8 digit local phone number.

And that’s it – you’re connected!

Step 5: Be Aware of Potential Dropped Calls

One thing to note when Call Philippines mobiles is that the call quality can vary. If you experience choppy audio or dropped calls, it may be due to poor signal coverage on the receiving end.

Just be prepared that cell service can be inconsistent in certain areas of the Philippines. Having patience and trying again usually does the trick!

Tips for Call Philippines from Overseas

Beyond just knowing how to dial a Philippine number internationally, here are some tips for saving money and improving your calling experience:

  • Use a VoIP app or calling card: Dedicated international calling cards or apps like Skype offer cheaper rates compared to calling directly through your phone provider.
  • Watch the time difference: There is up to a 13-hour time difference between the Philippines and the Americas. Be mindful of this when selecting a time to call.
  • Be prepared for longer pickup times: Fixed landlines can take much longer to answer compared to mobiles. Stay on the line as someone eventually answers!
  • Try scheduling a call: Pre-arranging an exact time to talk can help avoid playing phone tag and repeated missed connections.
  • Check call quality: Once connected, make sure to confirm the call quality is good on both ends and troubleshoot any issues before your conversation.
  • Have a backup contact method: In case calls consistently drop or you can’t connect, have an alternative like messaging to stay in touch.

With these tips in mind, you can have smoother international calling experiences when dialing the Philippines from overseas.


I hope this guide has clarified the entire process of placing Call Philippines phone numbers in another country.

To quickly recap the key steps:

  1. Dial your international exit code
  2. Input the Philippine country code (+63)
  3. Enter the area code
  4. Dial the local phone number
  5. Check call quality and enjoy talking!

With the simple instructions provided above, anyone can pick up the phone and call the Philippines affordably and reliably from abroad.

At Teloz, we make international calling easy and cost-effective. Check out our Philippines calling plans for great low rates.

Let us know if you have any other questions as you connect with your loved ones in the Philippines! We’re happy to help you stay in touch no matter where you are in the world.