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How to Call Philippines for Free: A Comprehensive Guide by Teloz

Call Philippines For Free: Embracing global connections, Teloz acknowledges the vital link to loved ones. In a world of diaspora, easy communication with family and friends back home is now more accessible than ever.

Teloz aims to make these global connections affordable and accessible to all through innovative technology and services that enable free calling to the Philippines. This guide provides everything you need to know to make free calls to Philippine numbers using Teloz’s offerings.

Understanding Free International Calling

The concept of “Call Philippines For Free” pertains to phone services that allow you to make calls to the Philippines at no cost using the Internet. Traditional international calls rely on public switched telephone networks (PSTNs) and are billed per minute, making them expensive.

However, with the emergence of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and related technologies, it’s now possible to route calls over the Internet, enabling you to “Call Philippines For Free” or at an extremely low cost.

VoIP Services: Your Key to Free Calls 

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows voice data to be transmitted as packets over IP networks rather than the PSTN. VoIP is the technology that enables free international calls.

How VoIP calling works:

  • Your voice is converted into digital signals and packaged into data packets
  • These packets are routed through the internet to the receiver 
  • The receiver’s VoIP software or app reconverts the packets into voice signals
  • This allows near real-time international call connectivity at a minimal cost

With a stable internet connection and VoIP service, you can bypass expensive traditional call routing and make free calls to the Philippines.

Teloz’s Free Calling Features

At Teloz, we provide the following features that allow you to call Philippines numbers free of charge:

  • VoIP app:

Teloz’s proprietary VoIP app uses your internet connection to route calls over IP.

  • Free unlimited calling:

With the app, enjoy unlimited calls to Philippine landlines and mobiles at no cost.

  • Toll-free access numbers:

For non-app users, dial our toll-free numbers to connect instantly.

  • Promotional credits:

We regularly offer free credits that can be used for free calling minutes.

We’re committed to connecting you with your loved ones in an affordable and stress-free way.

Using Teloz for Free Calls to the Philippines

Calling the Philippines for free with Teloz is quick and easy:

  • For mobile app users:

  1. Download the Teloz mobile app on your Android or iOS device
  2. Create a user account 
  3. Enable VoIP calling in the app settings
  4. Enjoy unlimited free calls to Philippine numbers!
  • For landline users: 

  1. Dial our Philippines toll-free access number: 1800-TELOZ-PH 
  2. Enter the Philippine number you wish to call
  3. You will be connected free of charge

With these simple steps, you can start calling the Philippines for free today.

Table 1: How to Call Philippines for Free with Teloz


App Users Landline Users
1. Download Teloz app 1. Dial toll-free access no. +1 914-999-6826
2. Create account 2. Enter Philippine number
3. Enable VoIP calling 3. Call connects for free!
4. Call Philippines for free!


Ensuring Quality and Reliability

Teloz utilizes advanced VoIP infrastructure to ensure high-quality connectivity even for free calls. Some ways we maintain optimal performance:

  • A global network of VoIP servers to prevent lags and disruptions
  • Proprietary audio encoding for crystal-clear call quality
  • Regular network upgrades and maintenance 
  • Automatic switching across multiple routes to avoid call drops

You can rely on Teloz for clear, smooth calls that are indistinguishable from local calls. We ensure free doesn’t mean compromising on connections.

Eligibility and Limitations

Teloz’s free calling services come with the following eligibility conditions and limitations:

  • Available to users with Philippine nationality
  • Valid Philippine mobile number or landline required for account verification 
  • Access to stable internet connectivity required 
  • Fair usage limits apply according to account type
  • Promotional credits valid for limited periods

By complying with these usage guidelines, you can continue enjoying free calls to the Philippines with Teloz.

Tips for Successful Free Calling 

Follow these tips to ensure an optimal experience when making free calls to the Philippines:

  • Use a WiFi connection for the best connectivity and call quality
  • Limit movement when on VoIP calls to prevent call drops 
  • Schedule calls during off-peak internet usage times 
  • Update your apps and operating system regularly 
  • Contact customer support if you face any issues

With these best practices, you can avoid hiccups and fully benefit from free calling.

Alternative Ways to Make Free Calls

Besides Teloz, here are some other ways you can call Philippine numbers for free:

  • WhatsApp – Provides free VoIP calls over data/WiFi
  • Viber Out – Free Viber-to-Viber calls worldwide
  • Skype – Free Skype-to-Skype calls between users
  • Facebook Messenger – Free VoIP calls to contacts

However, these apps have limitations in terms of connectivity and call quality compared to Teloz’s optimized VoIP network. For reliable free calls to any Philippine number, choose Teloz.

  • Real User Experiences 

Here’s what Teloz users have experienced with our free calling solutions:

  • “I can now call my family in Manila anytime thanks to Teloz’s free call app. Crystal clear conversations with no dropping issues.” – Ryan T., Canada
  • “The unlimited free calls I get with Teloz allow me to stay in touch with relatives in Cebu frequently. It’s so convenient and helps me feel closer to home.” – Claudine U., USA
  • “Teloz’s promotional credits enabled me to call childhood friends in Davao for hours. Felt like we were just next door! I’m glad I switched to Teloz.” – Miguel R., UK

As these testimonials demonstrate, Teloz’s services fulfill our mission to bring people closer irrespective of geography.


Future of Free International Calling

At Teloz, we continuously innovate to take free calling to the next level using emerging technologies. Some upcoming initiatives: 

  • Utilizing artificial intelligence to optimize call connectivity
  • Integration with messaging and social media 
  • Exploring 5G and edge networks to enhance call quality
  • Partnerships with telcos worldwide for expanded reach 

We’re committed to leveraging new technologies to make affordable global communication even more accessible.


Teloz offers comprehensive solutions that empower you to “Call Philippines For Free” utilizing our VoIP capabilities. Through our user-friendly apps and dependable network, maintain uninterrupted connections with your loved ones in the Philippines.

Embark on the future of “Call Philippines For Free” international calling today. To gather more information or commence your journey with our services, visit or download our mobile app.

At Teloz, we’re driven by the commitment to unite individuals globally through the influential force of communication. With us, the world is brought closer together, allowing you to Call the Philippines For Free whenever you wish.

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How can I make free calls to the Philippines using Teloz?

Teloz offers free calling services to the Philippines through its advanced VoIP technology. You can use our platform to connect with your loved ones without incurring additional costs

What is VoIP, and how does it allow me to make free calls to the Philippines?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Teloz uses this technology to transmit voice data over the internet, enabling you to make free or cost-effective calls to the Philippines and other destinations.

Are there any limitations to making free calls to the Philippines through Teloz?

While Teloz offers free calling services, there might be certain eligibility criteria or usage restrictions. Make sure to check our terms and conditions to understand any limitations.

Do I need to download a specific app to make free calls to the Philippines with Teloz?

Yes, Teloz provides a user-friendly app that you can download to your device. This app allows you to easily make free calls to the Philippines and enjoy seamless communication.

  • Can I call both landline and mobile numbers in the Philippines for free with Teloz?

Yes, Teloz enables you to call both landline and mobile numbers in the Philippines for free using our VoIP technology and services.

Is the call quality good when using Teloz for free calls to the Philippines?

Teloz prioritizes call quality. While the call quality may depend on your internet connection, our technology ensures that you experience clear and reliable calls to the Philippines.

How do I set up an account with Teloz to start making free calls to the Philippines?

Setting up an account with Teloz is simple. Visit our website or download the app, follow the registration process, and you’ll be ready to start making free calls.