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unlimited calling to philippines


Unlimited calling to Philippines with Teloz

Staying connected with loved ones, friends, and business contacts in the Philippines just got easier with Teloz’s unlimited calling plans. As a leading telecommunications provider, Teloz is committed to enabling affordable and seamless communication between the Philippines and abroad.

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For Filipino expats, families with loved ones in the Philippines, or businesses with operations in the country, the cost of international calling can quickly add up.

But Teloz offers innovative unlimited calling plans that provide a budget-friendly way to nurture relationships and conduct business across the miles.

With Teloz’s unlimited calling to the Philippines, users can experience the benefits of cost-effective communication, strengthened personal connections, and enhanced business collaborations.

Read on to learn more about how Teloz facilitates unlimited, high-quality calls to landlines and mobile phones across the Philippines.

Benefits of Unlimited Calling to the Philippines

unlimited calling to philippines

Teloz’s unlimited calling plans provide the following key advantages:

1: Cost-Effective Communication

Teloz eliminates hefty long-distance charges through flat-rate unlimited calling plans. Users can speak for hours each month without worrying about expensive phone bills.

Compared to traditional per-minute calling rates to the Philippines from other providers, Teloz’s unlimited plans offer significant savings & Cost-effective communication

For instance:



Carrier Monthly Rate
Teloz $9.9
SoftTop $15
My Country Mobile $10

With unlimited calling priced at just $15/month, Teloz is the clear choice for affordable calls to the Philippines.

2. Staying Connected with Loved Ones 

Teloz understands that communication is key to maintaining strong bonds with family and friends in the Philippines.

Unlimited plans allow users to call loved ones as often as they want and stay up-to-date on each others’ lives. Long phone calls no longer need to be cut short due to cost concerns.

Stories abound of families feeling closer than ever thanks to the uninterrupted daily communication facilitated by Teloz’s unlimited calling plans.

3. Business and Professional Communication

Smooth business operations rely on clear and timely communication between teams, clients, and partners. Teloz empowers seamless collaboration through unlimited calling.

Companies can seamlessly coordinate with offshore offices, manage remote employees or operations, and offer unlimited calling to the Philippines, all while ensuring that language barriers do not hinder productivity or profits.

Unlimited calling builds trust and facilitates relationship-building between international businesses. Teloz enables companies to connect with professional contacts in the Philippines hassle-free.

Features of Teloz Unlimited Calling to the Philippines

unlimited calling to philippines

Teloz offers user-friendly unlimited calling plans loaded with features to ensure a top-notch calling experience:

1. Nationwide Coverage

Teloz provides unlimited calling to all networks across the Philippines, including major providers like Smart, Globe, and Sun.

Users can call any number in the Philippines, whether to bustling urban centers like Manila and Cebu or remote provincial regions. Teloz’s nationwide coverage has you covered.

2. Crystal-Clear Call Quality

Teloz utilizes modern telecommunications infrastructure to enable excellent call quality. Voice transmission is crystal-clear thanks to efficient routing and network capabilities.

Background noise-blocking technology minimizes disruptive sounds for smooth conversations. HD Voice calling delivers rich, realistic sound for an immersive experience.

3. Flexible Plans

Teloz offers unlimited calling plans suited for light to heavy use:

Plan Monthly Price Minutes Included
Basic $9.9 1000 minutes
Plus $140 Unlimited minutes

Users can select monthly or annual subscriptions depending on their needs. Add-on features like voicemail transcription and toll-free calling numbers are also available. Special discounted family plans allow up to 5 lines.

4. 24/7 Customer Support 

Teloz provides prompt customer support around the clock to help with any account management or technical issues.

Customers can get assistance via phone, email, live online chat, or social media. Support agents are friendly and knowledgeable.

5. International Text Messaging

Along with unlimited calling, Teloz plans include free unlimited texting to Philippines numbers.

Users can send SMS messages to keep in touch when a call isn’t needed. International texting makes coordination easy and instantaneous.

How to Get Started with Teloz

How to Get Started with Teloz 

Signing up for unlimited calling is quick and easy with Teloz:

1. Sign-Up Process

New customers can enroll through Teloz’s website or mobile app. Simply provide some basic personal information and select the desired unlimited plan.

The entire process takes just a few minutes. Existing Teloz members can add unlimited Philippines calling to their current plan.

2. Activation and Usage

Once registered, new users can immediately start making unlimited calls to the Philippines.

Simply dial the Philippines number as you normally would using Teloz’s voice over IP network. Calls will automatically be connected and billed under your unlimited plan.

Usage is seamless both on Teloz’s mobile app and website portal. Check account details or manage your plan anytime online.

Customer Testimonials 

Teloz users rave about the benefits of unlimited Philippine calling:

  •  “I’ve lived in the US for 5 years but call my parents in Manila every day thanks to Teloz. I never have to limit my time speaking with family.” – Juan, California
  •  “The unlimited business calling plan is a game changer. I can regularly check in with our team in Cebu at no additional cost.” – Gabriela, New York
  •  “Teloz’s unlimited plan makes communicating with vendors and partners in the Philippines so easy. It’s greatly expanded our global business.” – Samuel, Illinois


For affordable and seamless communication with the Philippines, Teloz’s unlimited calling plans are the perfect solution. Users can nurture personal relationships and conduct business without costly per-minute charges.

Teloz provides an exceptional calling experience covering networks nationwide in the Philippines. Stay connected through unlimited calls and messages with your loved ones abroad.

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  1. How does Teloz’s unlimited calling to the Philippines work?

  • Teloz offers unlimited calling plans that allow you to make as many calls as you want to numbers in the Philippines without any additional per-minute charges.
  1. Can I call both landline and mobile numbers in the Philippines with these plans?

  • Yes, Teloz’s unlimited calling plans cover both landline and mobile numbers in the Philippines, giving you the flexibility to connect with anyone.
  1. Are there any hidden fees associated with Teloz’s unlimited calling plans?

  • No, Teloz is committed to transparency. There are no hidden fees – the price you see for the plan is the price you pay.
  1. Do I need to sign a contract for these unlimited calling plans?

  • Teloz offers both contract and non-contract options, providing you with flexibility. Choose the plan that suits your preferences and needs.
  1. What if I need assistance with my plan or face technical issues?

  • Teloz provides 24/7 customer support to address any inquiries, technical problems, or account-related questions you may have.
  1. Can I call other international numbers apart from the Philippines with these plans?

  • Teloz’s unlimited calling plans are specifically designed for calls to the Philippines. Different international texting/calling plans may be available for other destinations