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Cookie Policy For Teloz

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a piece of data from a website saved in a web browser that the website can retrieve later. Cookie Policy help websites load faster because the site can access the protected data instead of reloading everything each time you visit. In addition, cookies will let the owner study how users communicate with their website, ensuring they enhance the user experience.

How does Teloz use cookies?

We use cookies to remember your likes and dislikes and try to provide you with a better customer experience. Cookies also help us study how you use our website, which will help us improve the quality of our service. This way, it becomes easy to use cookies to develop our website.

Immobilize Cookies

You can disable any or all of the Cookie Policy we use on our site by adjusting your browser settings, but doing so may impair the functionality of our site and prevent you from taking full advantage of its features. Therefore it is recommended that you should refrain from disabling cookies.

The cookies which Teloz sets

Account-Related Cookies

Your account is safe and secure after using the signup process. Cookie Policy are used to remember your site preferences when logged out. Get general administration done more quickly and easily with the help of cookies. Teloz cookies protect your privacy and ensure your account and data are secure.

Login Related Cookies

These cookies allow you to stay logged in without re-entering your login credentials. Eliminate the hassle of logging in every time you want to visit a new page. Keep your information and browsing history remains confidential.

Email Newsletters Related Cookies

This kind of cookie helps you to subscribe or unsubscribe from newsletters easily You will get all the necessary notifications only if you’re subscribed. Cookies, make sure you only see the messages you want.

Orders Processing Related Cookies

Enjoy a hassle-free online shopping experience. Your order is remembered between pages, so you don’t have to start all over again each time. In addition, you can shop securely and confidently as our cookie policy encrypt your personal information.

Surveys related cookies

Surveys related to cookies will help you better understand your audience’s tastes and preferences. You will get insights that will help you improve your site/services Easily take part in surveys without remembering any passwords & help us improve our services by participating in our surveys.

Forms Related Cookie Policy

Speed up the process of filling out forms by remembering user details. Increase conversion rates on contact pages and comment forms. It is easy to use; you just need to add the cookie code to your form. 

Third-Party Cookie Policy

In many situations, we use cookies provided by third parties. Specific Section Details where you might encounter third-party cookies

Understand how you use the site and make improvements with the help of Google analytics. You will get to know your habits and preferences. It will help make the website easier to use. See how long you spend on each page and what content you are engaging with. See the official Google Analytics page for more information on Google Analytics Cookie Policy.Easily Track and measure page visits and engagement to improve the site. Keep track of how long you spend on pages and which are most popular. Gather anonymous data that can help us improve our services.
Get a consistent experience on the site while we test new features. Help us understand which optimizations you appreciate. Keep up to date on the latest site changes and news. Allow you to share content with friends.Keep track of how many people visit your website and make a purchase. Next, gain insights into customer behavior that can help improve your marketing strategy. Finally, make business predictions that allow you to improve your overall profitability.
Google AdSense is used to serve more relevant ads across the web, increasing the chances that you’ll see something you’re interested in. In addition, it limits the number of times an ad is shown to you, reducing annoyance and improving your overall experience. For more information on Google AdSense, see the official privacy FAQ. You can keep track of your social media interactions across different platforms. Gain insights about your social media audience and their behavior. Understand how people interact with your brand on social media.

Further Info

Cookies will provide you with a smooth experience on our website. Cookies help us analyze how you utilize our website and enhance your experience. Please read the Cookie Policy article to get more information on Cookies.   If you want more information on the same, then you can reach out to us on