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What is the Costa Rica Virtual Phone Number?

A Costa Rica virtual phone number is an internet-based telephone number that allows global call forwarding. It enables businesses and individuals to create a local presence in Costa Rica and receive calls internationally, while calls are routed via the internet to chosen devices or locations. This offers a convenient and cost-effective communication solution.

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Acquire a Virtual Phone Number in Costa Rica

What are the advantages of obtaining a Costa Rica virtual phone number?

Expand your business globally with ease. Access a flawless communication system with a Costa Rica virtual phone number. No matter where you are in the world, ensure uninterrupted connectivity for your aspiring business ventures.
A Costa Rica virtual phone number from a reliable Costa Rica Virtual Phone Provider enables your business to cater to customer preferences for local contact. With this number, you can provide seamless connectivity 24/7, reducing long waiting periods and enhancing customer support. Partner with a trusted Costa Rica Virtual Phone Provider for optimal results.

By having a virtual presence at local levels, you can make up for not physically being in Costa Rica. Furthermore, using a Costa Rica phone number improves your brand’s accessibility and increases the likelihood of attracting and keeping customers.

Choose Teloz as your service provider and achieve business success in Costa Rica. As a reliable virtual phone number service provider, we offer essential features and extra perks for your business. Experience a complete communication solution for your business without any additional or hidden costs.

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Discover the finest Costa Rica virtual phone number service.

In the ever-evolving global economy, seize new opportunities for your business with Virtual Phone Number services in Costa Rica from providers like Teloz. Effortlessly establish or expand your presence with flexible, cost-effective, and tailored Costa Rica Virtual Phone Solutions for a seamless communication experience. Discover why a Virtual Mobile Number in Costa Rica is the perfect choice for your business growth.

Unleash VoIP's Power with Teloz's Multi-featured Phone Systems.

Discover a world of possibilities with our VoIP phone systems. In addition, to Costa Rica Virtual Call Forwarding and tracking, you can take advantage of features like conference calling, Costa Rica Virtual SMS Number integration, call attendant, and more.

Save Money and Stay Connected with Virtual Phone Numbers

With virtual phone numbers, you can make and receive calls from anywhere in the world without extra costs. No need for expensive hardware or long-distance charges - simply integrate the features into your existing devices.

Stay Connected Anywhere, Anytime with Remote Access

Say goodbye to device or location limitations. Our virtual phone system allows you to make national or international calls on any VoIP number, 24/7. As long as you have a reliable internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, or computer, you're all set.

Streamline Client Handling with our Efficient Phone System

Our virtual setup ensures flawless call management, even outside of office hours. No client goes unattended with features like automatic call holding and virtual assistants. Experience efficient client handling like never before.

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How does It Functions

Buy Costa Rica virtual phone number now

Achieve global success for your business with a virtual phone number.

Configure User Count

Add as many users as needed for your business requirements and growth.

Get started with making calls now

Easily set up your phone system within minutes and begin making calls instantly.

Obtain a Virtual Number for Costa Rica

Select Your Country: Costa Rica

Choose Your Desired City/State

Local or Toll-Free Numbers Available

Unique business identity with Costa Rica numbers.

Get Your Own Virtual Phone Number Today

Secure a Costa Rica Virtual Phone Number at the Best Price

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Key Features of a Costa Rica Virtual Phone Number

Top VoIP functionalities included in your Costa Rica Virtual Phone Number

Teloz is a globally recognised virtual phone service provider, trusted by over 5,000 businesses. With local area codes available in 50+ countries, you can expect top-notch phone service no matter where you operate.

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Teloz: The Advantage You Need

Opt for Teloz's Costa Rica virtual phone number for prime benefits.

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Call Monitoring
  • Warm Transfer
  • Call Recording
  • ACD – Automatic Call Distribution
  • Pocket friendly
  • Minimal set-up time
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Inter-departmental Connectivity
  • Seamless connectivity 24*7

What is the process for obtaining a Costa Rica virtual phone number?

Below are the steps to Get Costa Rica Virtual Number:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get a Costa Rica virtual phone number set up in just 3 minutes with Teloz. Our streamlined process includes the following steps:


  • Buy number – Easily purchase numbers from around the world.
  • Add users – Quickly invite agents to join your teams.
  • Start calls – Receive and make calls seamlessly.
  • Track calls – Gain valuable insights and analyze call data in detail.

When calling a Costa Rica number from the United States, you must dial 011 (the international code) + 506 (the Costa Rica country code) + the 8-digit local number.

If you want to change your subscriber base for your virtual phone number, you can easily do so with Teloz. Here's why Teloz is the top choice for virtual phone number subscribers:


  • There is only a one-time porting fee for shifting subscribers.
  • Your business will experience an upgrade in services.
  • You don't need to inform your old customers about the change in subscriber base.
  • You can keep your old number while enjoying the benefits of the new subscriber.
  • There is no risk of losing potential customers due to a change in the subscriber.

To transfer your phone number, please provide the following documents:telezo


  • Proof of ownership for the number to be ported.
  • A signed letter of authorization.
  • The most recent phone bill.
  • Account information for the number being ported.

Teloz offers a range of additional services to boost your business, including speech analytics, call tracking, and voice broadcasting.