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Customer Experience

Refocus your attention on your customers

Focus attention on the consumer experience rather than siloed communications. Use omnichannel communications software to boost engagement, teamwork, and self-service support, resulting in satisfied consumers for life.
Customer Experience

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

Interact, Re-Interact, and Repeat

Improve your omnichannel presence.

Direct Callers in the Correct Direction

Self-service gives consumers more control.

Reinforce Outstanding Performance

Highlight an ever-improving culture.

Software Integration Made Simple

Communicate your Customer Experience tools.

Communicate your consumer engagement tools

Heading above and beyond to enhance the customer experience (CX) necessitates a deliberate approach to providing a unified omnichannel existence via phone, messaging, web, and mobile. And, as consumer demands rise, you’ll need an all-in-one communications solution that includes call routing and group performance management tools to assist you in tracking your company’s growth, such as:

Your consumers' experience starts with the first interaction - direct it from the beginning

Provides more concentrated and targeted service.

Improve the Customer Experience by connecting them with the operators better suited to their requirements based on their preferred skills and tags such as spoken language, dept, knowledge, and more.

Utilize cloud business tool integrations to assist your teams in automating workflows, gathering information, and decreasing management times in order to achieve better results and satisfied customers.

Offer your most devoted consumers special treatment. Priority routing will move them to the forefront of the queue and quickly connect them with an all-star agent best suited to their necessities.

Call Queueing

Maintain your call queues.

Use deliberate ring strategies to route incoming calls to operators with particular skills, lowering queue wait times and minimizing disappointed callers.

Use deliberate ring strategies to route incoming calls to operators with particular skills, lowering queue wait times and minimizing disappointed callers.

Reduce wait time for consumers by using intelligent call routing services such as skills-based routing, queue callback, international IVR, and much more.

Customer Experience

Callback in the Queue

Leave on hold behind.

Your clients lead hectic lives. Provide them with a virtual hold that allows them to be called back when an operator becomes available.

Offering consumers the option to call back delights those who do not want to wait in line, enabling them to maintain their spot as they move through the queue virtually.

Save your consumers’ time, lower abandonment rates, prioritize agent workloads, and observe satisfaction metrics skyrocket. Handle the flow configuration as your consumers require.

Automated Call Distributor (ACD)

Your consumer service engine

Increase Customer Experience satisfaction by getting them to the right place the first time. ACD routing directs consumers to the representative best suited to manage their inquiries.

To continuously enhance call experience and consumer sentiment towards your business, make data-driven phone system updates based on trends and call scores.

The power of self-service promotes greater satisfaction and a greater understanding of the customer journey. Give them the ability to maintain control over their experience, enabling your team to support those who truly require it.

Customer Experience

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Customize your phone menu to meet the needs of your callers.

With custom greetings, ring groups, and self-guided advanced IVR menus, you can have more personalized conversations. Give your Customer Experience what they want.

When you merge your IVR and ACD systems, you reduce call transfers, decrease wait times, and increase efficiencies – and your Customer Experience will notice and recognize it. And your teams will adore it!

Consumers have high expectations of the businesses with which they do business, including cloud security. With deliberate safeguards in place, you and your consumers’ info are well secured.

Take your Customer Experience to the Next level with

Teloz Customer Engagement Platform

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Quality Monitoring
Quality Monitoring
Quality Monitoring

Reinforce Exceptional Performance

Established Your Teams and Infrastructure Up for Success

Customer Experience

Contact Coaching

When your teammates require help on the phone, listen in quietly, offer same-side feedback, or join the discussion.

Objectives and benchmarks

In the platform, set consumer service aims and benchmarks against your service level agreement.

Insights on Call

Improve awareness of your network's voice quality performance and resolve issues with a single click.

Analytical Advances

With historical and real-time data reporting, you can make data-driven choices that will propel your business forward.

Additional Resources to Assist You in Moving the Needle

Get over silos and refocus on customer experience

Designed to improve self-navigation, omnichannel existence, and engagement.