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Teloz Digital Customer Engagement Platform

Reach more customers through 20+ digital touchpoints. Connect with customers across all channels, including custom channels. In real-time, engage with customers on the web, social media, and messaging apps.
Digital Customer Engagement

Get help quickly whenever and from wherever you want to

Enjoy better quality with an open platform

Connect with tools you're familiar with using open APIs and webhooks. Scale your business instantly with a reliable and secure platform with digital customer engagement.

Have complete details to enhance productivity

Increase customer satisfaction with AI-driven sentiment analysis. Get real-time insights to improve agent and contact center performance. Customizable dashboards and reporting for a complete view of performance

Get involved across multiple channels

Keep all customer interactions in one place for easy reference and response. Respond to customers quickly and effectively, regardless of the channel they use. Manage all customer interactions from a single platform, no matter how many media they use with digital customer engagement.

Enhance Digital Customer Engagement

Chatbots and AI routines can free up your agents to focus on higher-value activities, like complex cases or providing customer service that requires a human touch with digital customer engagement.

Digital Customer Engagement
You are where your customers are

Connect with customers on the channels they use most. Reach more people in less time with automated messaging.

Provide social media support ​

Save time by letting us manage all of your social media interactions. Boost your online visibility with engaging, well-timed content.

Be more approachable

Have One customer service chat across all channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Messages for Business, Instagram Direct Messages, Google Business Messages, and more Chat with your customers on the device they are most comfortable using

Stay in touch through all the channels​

 Quick and easy customer service integration across channels. Resolve customer complaints and issues faster. Higher customer satisfaction from providing seamless support with digital customer engagement.

Have a quicker response time

Quickly gather customer information before passing it off to an agent. Free up time for agents to handle more complex inquiries. Minimize response times and enhance customer satisfaction with digital customer engagement.

Find the perfect one

Boost employee productivity with the help of this feature. As a result, getting more leads and closing more sales will increase profit in the long run. 

Provide Virtual Assistants

Reduce the amount of time customer service agents spend on simple tasks. Increase the number of customers your customer service team can handle.  

Have new customer channels

Increase sales and conversions through intelligent conversation. Native integration with dialog flow for easy setup. Connect with more customers through chatbots

Digital Customer Engagement
Digital Customer Engagement
Study the complete customer experience ​

Get real-time insights and data-informed recommendations. Fix problems and improve customer experience quickly. Collect feedback from any channel – web, in-app, email, phone, chatbot

Have a 360-degree view of data ​

Customize dashboards to see what matters most to you. See how your team is performing compared to industry benchmarks

Identify trends on every channel ​

Monitor customer sentiment and trends as they happen. Identify opportunities and optimize campaigns as they develop. 


Get in touch with experts across your company

 Increase agent productivity with team messaging built into your digital engagement platform. Easy integration with Teloz’s leading cloud communications platform
Digital Customer Engagement

All that you need to solve problems quicker

Recommend Reverts

Respond to more customer inquiries in less time, with intelligent recommended 

Approvals & Transfer

Keep customers happy by responding quickly and efficiently to their inquiries.

Collaborate identities

Detect and merge customer profiles across different digital channels.

Establish a better routing

Increase agent productivity by routing messages to the agents best equipped.

Get involved visually

Solve customers’ problems without waiting or talking to multiple people on hold.

Connect with your favorite app

Reduce or eliminate the need for data entry and double handling. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital customer engagement allows Teloz to interact with customers across digital channels to build deeper relationships. This is crucial for acquiring and retaining customers in today's highly digital world.

Teloz optimizes our website and mobile apps for an excellent user experience. We also personalize content and offers using data and AI. Active social media and email marketing are key as well.

Mobile is the primary way many customers engage with Teloz. We optimize our mobile site and apps to make it easy to learn, shop, access support, and interact on-the-go.

Teloz maintains active social media profiles to foster an online community. We share relevant content, run contests and promotions, respond to mentions, and analyze data to improve our social approach.

Important metrics include website and app usage, conversions, email engagement, social reach and engagement, online reviews and mentions, and customer satisfaction scores. These provide insight to refine our strategy.

Teloz enables customers to self-serve online. Our website FAQs and help center provide 24/7 support. Customers can also engage Teloz for assistance via social media, email, and live chat.

By using data analytics and AI, Teloz delivers tailored content, product recommendations, and offers to each customer. Personalization builds loyalty by delivering relevant interactions.