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Email of Customer Service

Eliminate the need to create new customer profiles with each email interaction. Keep all customer interactions in one convenient location & create a searchable archive of all customer interactions.
Email Teloz

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

Enhance Agent Efficiency

Reduce customer service response time by up to 50%. Create a more efficient and organized customer service process. Access customers service data from any device or platform.
Email Teloz
Email Teloz

Tapped Response

Reduces human error with canned email responses. Eliminates the mundane task of replying to the same query multiple times a day. Automatic reply to specific questions increases the agent’s efficiency.

Have a more comprehensive customer reach

Reach more customers through multiple communication platforms. Easily integrate with your existing call center software. Provide excellent customer support through Omni channel communication email teloz.
Email Teloz

Email Alerts

Maximize customer satisfaction by being notified of new conversations and interactions promptly. Quickly and easily resolve customer queries for a better customer experience. Keep up with all the latest customer interactions without constantly checking your inbox email teloz.

Be on the same platform as where your customers with an omnichannel customer engagement platform


Use Chat Messenger to keep in touch with your customers on their preferred messaging apps. Flawlessly connect with your chatbot or human operator to provide best-in-class support. Boost online sales and engage on email teloz.

Digital Media

Connect with your customers on social media platforms. You can personalize each interaction for a better customer experience. Respond quickly to keep customers satisfied & gain insights about your customers and their behavior with email teloz.


Make smarter decisions with contextual data from each conversation. Get real-time recordings of each conversation for quality control. Achieve a higher return on investment from your customer interactions with email teloz.