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BPO Call Center Software

By BPO software automating many tasks traditionally done manually, BPO’s software helps businesses save money regarding both person-hours and labor costs.
bpo software

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

Reasons to have a Contact center for BPO

Use Omnichannel with BPO software

Provide Omnichannel customer experience. Have higher agent agility and efficiency. Resolve customer grievances instantly. Perfect amalgamation with existing channels is also possible. Teloz can help you with provide an adequate amount of amalgamation options that benefit your company.
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bpo software

Enterprise Grade Feathers

Keep your BPO software at the peak performance. Get enterprise-grade attributes for your BPO software. Higher efficiency and productivity with automated dialers. Deliver superior customer service with the IVR system. Stay informed with all of real-time monitoring and extensive reports.

All-in-one solutions BPO software

Get the most flexible solution that will fits your business’s specific needs. Benefit from a highly robust and efficient solution with BPO software that is also cost-effective. Streamline your business workflow with ease. Choose between on-cloud and on-premise solutions, which is the most suitable for your organization.
bpo software
bpo software

Performance Management

BPO software helps you to Keep track of all of your contact center’s agent productivity. Boost agent productivity by shuffling them between queues. Supervisors can always help in managing their contact center without being in the same room. Quick and easy installation without any hassle.

Call Center Software Features

Merged Agent Desktop

Self Service Portal

IVR System

Data Safety

Omnichannel Potential

Intelligent Routing

Reporting & Dashboards

CRM Integration

Lead Management

Ticket Prioritization


Live Monitoring

Number Masking

Auto Dialer

Incoming Calls

Recording of calls

Bot Management

Outgoing Calls

SLA Management

Sentiment Analysis

Reasons to choose Teloz

Trusted Worldwide

A patented, context-aware engagement engine that understands customer intent and drives interactions in real-time. The only solution to offer omnichannel support with chat, voice, social media, SMS, and email across the globe.
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bpo software

The facility of working from wherever you want to

Save on office space and additional costs of having a physical contact center. Get more out of your agents by letting them work in comfortable surroundings. Higher flexibility for both the agents and the supervisors. More straightforward to handle remote workers than those in a traditional contact center setting. 

Payment Plans

Minimize CAPEX costs and scale in a pocket-friendly way. Scale up and down depending on the process requirements. No long-term contract or commitment. It is easy to use with fast implementation. This way, teloz will give enough flexibility in terms of payment options.
bpo software
bpo software

No Infrastructure Issues

Reduce downtime and lost productivity with our extensive IT infrastructure reports Recognize the causes of low productivity and fix them. Have higher customer satisfaction with stable internet connectivity. Keep your agents connected with minimal bandwidth.

Goal Centric Support

Fully customizable to your specific needs. It leads to rapid distribution in less than 48 hours. Get up and running with little or no disturbance to your business. Highest quality of customer service delivered by our team of experts. This will generate a good amount of efficiency amongst your employees. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

BPO Software services refer to a range of business process outsourcing solutions provided by Teloz, specifically designed to help businesses streamline their operations and reduce costs. These services include accounting and finance, customer support, human resources, data entry, and data analysis, among others.

Teloz is a good BPO software services provider because of its extensive experience and expertise in providing BPO services to businesses of all sizes and industries. It uses advanced technology and innovative solutions to streamline business processes and maximize efficiency, while also providing personalized service and support to its clients.

The benefits of using Teloz's BPO Software services include reduced operational costs, improved efficiency and productivity, enhanced accuracy and quality of work, access to specialized skills and expertise, increased focus on core business activities, and scalability to accommodate business growth.

Teloz takes security and confidentiality very seriously and has robust measures in place to protect its clients' data. It uses industry-standard security protocols and best practices, including secure data centers, encryption, and firewalls, to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches. Additionally, it signs non-disclosure agreements with its clients and trains its employees on data security and confidentiality protocols.

Yes, Teloz's BPO Software services can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. Teloz works closely with its clients to understand their unique requirements and tailor its solutions accordingly. Its flexible service delivery model allows for customized solutions that are scalable, cost-effective, and aligned with your business objectives.