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Call Center Software for ecommerce & Retail

Enhance agent productivity and customer satisfaction level to take your business to the next level with Teloz contact center software and Ecommerce call center.

ecommerce call center

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

Teloz Advantages of Call Center Software and Ecommerce call center

First Contact Resolution

Resolve customer queries quicker with all the essential information on a single screen. Satisfaction from customers as they are resolved instantly.

Multi-Channel Support

Higher customer satisfaction by involving in their preferred channel. Let your team work across all channels from a single interface. Enhanced response times.

Higher Repeat Customers

FCR will let you know whether customers are satisfied, saving your time and resources. You can use the customer feedback gathered through FCR to improve your service.

Better Agent Productivity

Spend less time on the phone and more time selling. Boost your team's potential with powerful tools. Automate your most tedious tasks for quicker results.

Reasons for Enterprises to choose Omnichannel approach

Get In Touch With Your Customer 24/7

Provide an effortless, delightful shopper experience at every touchpoint. Connect with shoppers via multiple channels. Integrate all your communication channels for a streamlined experience. Offer improved customer service through interactivity. Ecommerce call center will enhance the productivity of the company.

ecommerce call center
ecommerce call center

Personalize your communications

Acquire the complete picture of customer journey and interactions. Instantly find and answer customer questions. Enhance CSAT score and customer retention. Context-driven conversations for a personalized shopping experience. This will help the customers feel special with help of ecommerce call center.

Enhanced Customer Service

Give an interactive and informative customer self-service experience. Take the load off your customer support team. Free your customer support team to concentrate on more urgent and complicated issues. Resolve customer queries more effectively and efficiently.

ecommerce call center
ecommerce call center

Store Important Data

Monitor all the critical call center metrics in one place. Make important decisions based on live data dashboards and reports. Keep your finger on the pulse of your call center operations and ecommerce call center . Get real-time alerts for metric thresholds so you can take corrective action immediately. 

Expand Business By Better Services

Keep your Ecommerce call center experience consistent, regardless of where your agents work. Scale as you grow, Teloz can easily accommodate increasing customer demand. Enjoy the flexibility of remote work while high standards for customer service. Scale up or down as required without purchasing or leasing additional hardware or software licenses.

Call Center Software Features

mobile call center

Missed Call Management


CSAT survey over IVR


Omnichannel customer support


Order status alerts

mobile call center

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


Live Chat Support


CRM Integration


Call Recording

Frequently Asked Questions

Ecommerce Call Center Service is a customer support service that is specifically designed to help businesses handle their customers' inquiries, complaints, and other concerns related to their online shopping experience. The service is offered by Teloz, which is a leading provider of call center services.

Teloz's Ecommerce Call Center Service offers several benefits to businesses. Some of the main benefits include improved customer satisfaction, increased sales, reduced operational costs, and enhanced customer loyalty. By outsourcing their customer support to Teloz, businesses can focus on their core operations and leave the customer support tasks to the experts.

Businesses can access Teloz's Ecommerce Call Center Service by contacting Teloz directly and requesting the service. The company offers various packages and pricing plans that businesses can choose from based on their specific needs and budget. Once the service is set up, Teloz's team of trained professionals will handle all customer support calls and emails on behalf of the business.

Teloz's Ecommerce Call Center Service offers a wide range of customer support services, including handling customer inquiries, complaints, and feedback. The service also includes order processing, payment processing, and returns management. In addition, Teloz's team can also provide product and service information, technical support, and general assistance to customers.

Teloz uses a variety of methods to ensure the quality of its Ecommerce Call Center Service. The company employs trained professionals who are experienced in handling customer support calls and emails. Teloz also uses advanced call center technology, including call recording and monitoring, to ensure that all calls are handled efficiently and effectively. The company also conducts regular training sessions and quality assurance checks to ensure that its team is providing the highest level of service to its clients.