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Make your communications much more fun with Teloz team chat and messaging

Have Increased productivity and collaboration & enjoy more timely responses to customers and partners with Team Chat And Messaging.
Team Chat And Messaging

Phone or Video Easy Swiping

Stay connected with your Team without ever leaving your chat app. Easy transition from text to voice call or from video calls we are here.

Large number of Customer approach

No need for cumbersome software installations. With chat integrated anyone can connect anywhere, on anytime with chat or video.

sync with your current apps

You can now easily send files of any size without leaving your email client. Get Connected to the tools you're already using with team with Team Chat And Messaging.

Manageable and simpler with our app

Reducing the time it takes to find an email or document. Follow a specific topic or project. Keep team communication organized and easy to follow.

Advantages of Teloz Team Messaging App

Team Chat And Messaging

Higher output

Instant messaging and file sharing for one-on-one or group conversations. Video conferencing to connect with team members anywhere in the world with Team Chat And Messaging.
Get started immediately and learn at your own pace. Try out features, get help, and more in one central location
Keep your Team in communication with real-time video chat rooms. Collaborate easily with team members who are spread out all over the globe.
Eliminate the need for cumbersome and error-prone spreadsheets. Keep everyone up to date with automated task notifications
No more lost messages or files; everything is easily searchable and accessible within the chat.

Observe How work gets finished

Please stay connected with the people and apps you need when you need them. Connect quickly and easily from any device with Team Chat And Messaging.
Eliminate multiple bills and consolidate services into one simple payment. Keep your business running smoothly with uninterrupted communication.
Increase productivity by making it easy to communicate with others on your Team. Eliminate the need for multiple apps by having all the features you need in one app.
Instantly find what you’re looking for in group messages and files. Bookmark important messages and files for easy access later.
Team Chat And Messaging

Some essential features of the Team chat app

Transfer Files Easily

Eliminate the need for clunky and difficult file-sharing software. Send or receive files of any size without worrying about exceeding your storage limit.

Better Team Management

Automatically connect to team members with one button and schedule meetings quickly. No need to wait for an email response or find a time that works for everyone; click the link and start talking.

Tabs of different apps

Improves team collaboration by making it easy for users to share files and data with Team Chat And Messaging.

Teloz Integration

Amalgamations to you

Teloz Amalgamations provides quick, easy, and seamless integrations that let you get the most out of your phone system.
Team Chat And Messaging

The most suitable communication apps for your business

Automate communication processes to save time and improve accuracy with Team Chat And Messaging.

Find the perfect app for your specific business needs; streamline communication for a more efficient workflow with Team Chat And Messaging.

Make communication faster and easier with your favorite apps with Team Chat And Messaging.

Messaging & Other features for your enterprise

Team Chat And Messaging

Try the Teloz video now


Handle and do routing of phone calls on any device.


Make the best out of remote work.

Take your Customer Experience to the Next level with

Teloz Customer Engagement Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Teloz team messaging is a tool to send and receive messages. It is an open platform with secure messaging and file sharing. It has an Intuitive interface that makes it easy to get started. It provides real-time messaging, and task management keeps teams connected and productive.

Things you shall look for in a messaging app are better search function, flawless amalgamation, collaboration features, presence status, etc.

Teloz Messaging was designed with your needs in mind. We understand that communication is critical for success, and our app makes it easy for you to stay connected with everyone who matters to your business.

Yes. You can easily Keep everyone in the loop with Team messaging and stay connected with anyone, internally or externally.

Messaging is the fastest way to get in touch with co-workers. Voice and video meetings are great for more critical conversations. Teloz lets you easily switch between messaging and voice/video meetings. You can easily schedule an appointment in seconds from your phone or video call. Easily invite participants with just their email addresses.