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Conversational AI

Enhance customer service and sales interactions. Enable customers to find information quickly and easily Provide an engaging, personalized experience for each customer.

Conversational AI

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What does Teloz conversational AI mean

Artificial intelligence (AI) conversational technology enables people to converse naturally with digital gadgets via text or speech. Businesses utilize this technology to automate client-facing touchpoints, including social media, messaging platforms, and customer service. You can utilize conversational AI for various functions, including customer support, feedback gathering, and product or service promotion. This technology is rapidly changing how organizations connect with customers.
Conversational AI
Conversational AI

Teloz Development of conversational artificial intelligence (AI)

Our conversational artificial intelligence (AI) is cutting-edge technology powered by natural language comprehension. It can comprehend and react to anything you say. Our Conversational AI is always up for a talk, no matter how complicated your queries or demands are. It continuously learns from every interaction, which makes it more intelligent and responsive. Thus, if you’re searching for an AI system that can maintain a conversation even when it’s difficult, go no further than Teloz conversational AI. 

How Teloz conversational AI perform

Conversational AI’s power in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Machine Learning suggests that the AI platform is constantly learning and growing, getting more accurate and responsive with each interaction with a person.
This is how conversational AI act when you need a written or spoken response. This will be able to understand your customer’s query and provide an accurate and illuminating response. What will the chatty AI do? It is the best option if you’re looking for Conversational AI to help your business grow.
Conversational AI

Advantages of conversational AI

Minimize cost

Instead of hiring specialized human resources, this clever technology uses messaging apps to engage. Conversational AI also provides voice-based virtual assistants that can make appointments to deliver information. Why wait? Start saving money today by implementing conversational AI in your company today.

Conversational AI
Conversational AI

Improves Agent Effectiveness

Use conversational AI to automate and increase the effectiveness of your customer support representatives. Eliminate the requirement for human involvement in functions like balancing an account, locating a location, or checking an identity. Your agents will have more time to work on challenging cases that require human assistance. Increase client happiness and boost your bottom line by using our product.

Immediate resolution

Looking for an Immediate resolution to your questions? Whether you use SMS, messaging, or social media apps, our clever automated system ensures you receive a smooth query answer. Therefore, we can provide you with fast talk or a thorough digital resolution.
Conversational AI
Conversational AI

Outstanding service

The newest innovation in customer service is chatbots. They can offer outstanding support throughout the sales process, from product research to closing the deal, by comprehending customer questions and requests. In addition, chatbots are fantastic agent helpers, thanks to their intellectual skills.

Omnichannel Existence

You can offer your clients speedy resolutions on their chosen platform if you use omnichannel customer care and engagement solution. We have covered whether you want a voice, digital, or traditional chatbot. We specialize in providing seamless query resolution, so you can be sure that your clients will be looked after.
Conversational AI

Characteristics of conversational AI

Safe and Trustworthy

The new industry standard for safety and security is being set by Teloz Conversational AI technologies, which offer end-to-end encryption for both enterprises and customers. You may therefore be sure that your data is always secure with us. Teloz has been a business partner for organizations all around the world. We're increasing that confidence with our secure AI products.

Interactions that feel like a human

Your clients can interact with Teloz chatbots and voice bots in natural language in a way that seems human. With the help of our conversational bots, you can create a positive customer experience and provide your clients the information they require in a very approachable manner. Our bots are made to help your consumers quickly locate the informations.

Understand all

Conversational AI bots from Teloz are the ideal remedy in search of a multilingual customer service strategy. They can automatically translate customer requests and responses, enabling your agents to provide multilingual user support. Which language your customers speak, you'll be able to deliver outstanding customer service with the help of this robust tool.

Help yourself

This feature assists your clients in every way, offering them a simple and convenient customer experience. Your customers can track their shipments using our chat-based delivery tracking system without leaving the chat window. One of the many ways our products can make your consumers' lives easier is in this particular instance.

Live Chat Switching

No question will go unanswered using Live Chat Switching technology, even if it falls outside the scope of your chatbot. Discussions can be smoothly escalated to the most qualified live person, guaranteeing that your customer will always receive assistance. It will result in contented customers, but it will also ultimately save.

Omnichannel Assistance

For those who need assistance across all channels, Teloz is ideal. It makes it easier for you to keep track of all of your tasks, big and small. Teloz is available to assist you in organizing and controlling your affairs, whether at home or on the go. A personal assistant who can manage everything, from your grocery list to your calendar.

Reasons for selecting Teloz by top companies

Secure and Trustworthy

The ideal answer is Teloz's Secure and Trustworthy offering. The product complies with authorized public cloud settings. As a result, you can be confident that your data is safe and secure with teloz.

ai voice bot

International brand

Teloz is a global company with brands in various sectors and industries, including tourism, hospitality, digital, medicine, and more. Regional partners support Teloz. Teloz is a reputable company that provides high-quality.

Adaptability and Authority

Because it is adaptable, you will always be able to give your customers the outstanding experience possible, regardless of internal company changes. Furthermore, Teloz's robust reporting and dashboard features provide total access.

Client interaction platform

With Teloz, you can offer a consistent and continuous experience regardless of how they choose to interact with you because Teloz provides a single view of the customers across channels. As a result, customers will have a better overall experience, encouraging repeat business.

Seamless Integration

Integrating voice bots into your company can help automate end-to-end support and service workflows. Instead, you rely on human intervention for specific tasks, such as taking customer calls or making promises about future client interactions.

Expertise in Customer Engagement

Teloz has been providing customer engagement solutions to consumer-facing businesses for over 18 years, assisting them in streamlining and improving their customer engagement across many channels such as voice, mail, chatting, social networks, video chat, and texting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Conversational AI Service is a platform that provides a conversational AI solution for businesses to automate their customer interactions through natural language processing (NLP) technology.

Teloz's Conversational AI Service provides various benefits to businesses, such as improved customer experience, increased efficiency and productivity, cost savings, and the ability to scale up or down as per business requirements.

Teloz's Conversational AI Service can automate various customer interactions, such as answering frequently asked questions, providing personalized recommendations, booking appointments, processing orders, and more.

Teloz's Conversational AI Service can integrate with other systems like CRM, help desk, and workforce management tools, to provide a more comprehensive solution to manage customer interactions.

Teloz's Conversational AI Service uses various security measures like encryption, firewalls, and access controls to ensure the security and privacy of customer data. Additionally, the platform is compliant with various industry standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR to provide a secure environment for businesses to automate their customer interactions.