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Call Center Key Features

Teloz is ideal if you’re seeking a dependable, scalable, and user-friendly virtual call center solution. You can manage customer contacts with Teloz without spending much money on hardware or stressing out about infrastructure and installation. Whether you run a small business or a huge corporation, offering first-rate customer care and support is simple with our robust cloud-based platform with Call Center Key Features.

Call Center Key Features

The ability of voice


Personal touch

Personal Touch (PT) is what you need to ensure that your customers are always connected with the appropriate agent and are always satisfied. With the help of our adaptable PT designer, you can respond to customer inquiries quickly. We also promise you'll be happy with our service because we highly value client happiness.


Direct call

The simplest and fastest way to place a direct call. You can call customers immediately without dialing their number with a few clicks. As a result, it minimizes human error, and your agents will have more time with Call Center Key Features.


A process on a phone call

If you're looking for a process on a phone call that provides a seamless experience, So you've come to the right place. This feature makes it simple and practical for agents to get in touch with other agents waiting in the queue and assist consumers with their problems. We are sure that our offering and its excellent response will meet your needs.


Voice reminder

You can quickly and easily send out notifications, announcements, special offers, and product updates to all of your current customers with just a few clicks using our reminder system. It's simple and hassle-free. Voice Reminder will take care of it for you, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to inform your clients about essential news and changes.


Get information before dialing

You can be confident that you will receive all the information you require before the call even begins with getting Information Before Dialing. To deliver a more individualized experience, just enter the customer's information and click "connect." The key information will then appear on your screen. So you'll be able to increase your sales rate and call quality overall with Call Center Key Features.

Call routing with smart Call Center Key Features


Featured routing

Featured routing is ideal if you want to raise customer satisfaction and first-call resolution. You may connect callers with agents who are best suited to address their requirements using this cutting-edge technology. This guarantees that every call is handled in the most time- and money-saving manner feasible. Any company that wishes to offer its clients the finest service possible needs to use featured routing with Call Center Key Features.


Interactive voice response

IVR, or interactive voice response, is a fantastic tool for routing customer calls to the appropriate agent, group, or division. Customers will obtain prompt responses to their inquiries if you use IVR to deliver a response for Inquiries. IVR is flexible and may be customized to meet your unique needs with Call Center Key Features with Call Center Key Features.


Passes phone calls automatically

You can route incoming calls to agents using this feature. This makes it simple to ensure to solve on first-call and give first preference to premium clients. For companies that aim to offer the greatest customer service, call routing is a crucial tool with Call Center Key Features.


Pass directly to a cell phone

You can route calls with this function so that everyone can keep in touch. For companies that need to stay flexible and responsive even while staff is away from the office, this is vital. You can get started right away because it is so simple to use.

Independence Agent


Integrated agents Desktop

It is designed to provide efficient and effective customer service by supporting agents with all the necessary information in one place. With this tool, agents can manage multiple tickets without the need to log in to various channels. Integrated with other products, it offers a seamless customer experience. With the Unified Agent Desktop and Call Center Key Features, empower your agents with the tools they need to succeed.


Intelligent search

Intelligent Search is a knowledge base that simplifies finding the right information for customers and agents. With its smart search engine, users can enter a few keywords to get current and relevant results. The knowledge base is always up-to-date, continuously expanding, and evolving with Call Center Key Features. In addition, intelligent Search provides accurate information, giving users confidence in their search results.


single perspective customer

We understand that excellent customer service is the key to success for any business. We are pleased to present our Single Perspective Customer software for this reason. You'll be able to view every aspect of your consumer interactions thanks to this effective application. Doing this guarantees that your agents are always knowledgeable and equipped to respond to any inquiries with Call Center Key Features.

Call Center Key Features: Tracking and Reporting

Phone call recording system

Our phone call recording system is the perfect solution if you need a tool to manage incoming and outgoing calls. It's user-friendly and allows you to access previous call recordings anytime to ensure quality standards are met. Furthermore, call records can be used to assess marketing strategies and identify customer pain points, enabling you to improve corporate standards.

Manage multiple events/campaign

You will be able to track several campaigns simultaneously across your call center operations with the help of this function. You are always in control because you can set the campaigns that are handled in order of priority and decide what information is shown. Any call center operation that is busy needs to have this capability.

Voice Recorder

Recording conversations with a voice recorder is useful for maintaining communication records, particularly in call center management and training. It aids in keeping precise interaction records, critical for agent training and call quality control. The utilization of voice recorders can improve call center operations and enhance the customer experience.