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Transform Your Contact center into a profit center

Generate new business opportunities through outbound calling campaigns. Proactively support your customers to increase satisfaction and loyalty with on cloud contact.
on Cloud Contact

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

Make it simple for consumers to get assistance at any time and from any location using cloud contact.

Have applied insights

‘Agent Analytics’ provides a depth understanding of customer service performance.

Better security & conformity

Protect your company from TCPA exposure. Enjoy Secure and scaled communications.

Fixup an energetic outreach

Achieve higher campaign success rates through effective outbound communication.

Motivate your Agents

Empower your customer service team to deliver consistent experiences with powerful scripting tools.

Outbound Dialers

Accelerate lead generation

With campaign management, you can achieve more potential clients and leads than your contenders.

Utilize preview, predictive, and proactive dialers with advanced list management features to make the most of every connection on cloud contact.

Increase efficiency by starting an outbound campaign when traffic is lesser and switching to inbound when traffic picks up.

Lists should be scrubbed before being loaded into automated dialers. Call people only within the authorized timeframes when the pending payment has been received. Do not over dial people.

Wholesale VoIP Providers
on Cloud Contact:

Agent Scripting

Generate scripts faster

Drag-and-drop scripting builder makes it easy to create and update responses. Scripts are portable, so you can share them with others or use them on other channels.

Make it easy for other agents to continue the conversation where you left off. Quickly show customers what actions have been taken on their case with on cloud contact.

There is a reduction in operational costs through more efficient staffing. Improvement in customer satisfaction as a result of increased agent productivity.

Increase agent productivity with dynamic workflows that automate the process and keep conversations on track. Ensure compliance with regulatory agencies by automatically inserting disclaimers into all interactions on cloud contact.

Analytics and reports

Work on operations instantly

Eliminate the need for guesswork and second-guessing. Instead, make decisions with all the information you need at your fingertips.

Eliminate the need for guesswork and second-guessing. Instead, make decisions with all the information you need at your fingertips.

Compare your company against others in your industry. Pinpoint areas of improvement to increase efficiency on cloud contact.

Reduce staffing costs by predicting trends and patterns. Improve agent productivity with historical data analysis. Make better-informed decisions about staffing and operations.

on Cloud Contact:


Get more conversions on every cloud contact call.

Make outbound calls more relevant by integrating popular CRMs. Get quick and easy access to lists from other systems. Capture and prioritize hot leads with web aggregators withon cloud contact.

The quickest way to direct more outbound sales

Maintain all of your tools near all of your teammates.

Minimum cost

Prevent downtime and leverage usage reports to adapt your subscription quickly. Easily manage a large number of users with minimal risk with on cloud contact.

Minimize TCPA risk

Initiate calls manually to minimize the chances of mistakenly calling a DNC registrant. Scrub your lists regularly to remove mobile numbers and other high-risk with on cloud contact.

Unite contact center

Solve customer issues the first time with Teloz MVP. It connects agents with experts from across the company to provide prompt, accurate solutions to customer inquiries.

Establish a complete customer experience.

Omnichannel | Outgoing | Virtual


Give instant and effective service every time.


Provide customer support on every virtual platform.

Give the best customer experience all the time.


Increase in customer satisfaction


Higher employee satisfaction


Higher average revenue per agent


Decrease in cost to serve

Source: 2022 Teloz Customer Success Metrics Survey.

Make it simple for consumers to get assistance at any time and from any location

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Your go-to guide for using an outbound contact center solution

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What your staff needs to retain your consumers satisfied.

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Engage Voice: Take proactive steps to increase consumer engagement.