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Call Center Rules For virtual contact center solution

Ticket routing is a procedure of handling tickets to the department and even the best agent who is qualified. Generally, tickets can be categorized as occurrences, problems, or requests.

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Ticket routing impact on customer with teloz service

Tickets ensure that your clients are linked with the appropriate person or bot to address their issues swiftly and effectively. Of course, nothing is worse than having to wait on hold or have your call go from agent to agent, but with ticket routing, you can relax knowing that it is creating a good impact on your customer’s mind with virtual contact center solutions.


Teloz Automated Tickets Issued

You can use automated  routing from the Teloz Help Desk to allocate tickets to agents based on their availability and skill sets, you can effectively respond to your consumers’ concerns with virtual contact center solutions. Ticket routing rules ensure tickets are always sent to the most qualified team or campaign, streamlining your customer care procedure.

Advance Features of teloz

Automated help desk

The automated help desk tools from Teloz make it simple to automate the dull processes so your agents can concentrate on excellent offerings they provide with virtual contact center solutions.

Business rules

Business rules allow you to actions based on time or upcoming events with virtual contact center solutions. It can help take care of routine tasks so your team can focus on important matters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Teloz's Customer Knowledge Base Software is a service that enables businesses to build a knowledge base to provide customers with self-service support with virtual contact center solutions. It helps businesses to create, organize and manage articles, FAQs and other relevant content to enhance customer support experience and reduce support costs.

Yes, Teloz's Customer Knowledge Base Software provides a customizable interface that allows businesses to tailor their knowledge base to match their brand's look and feel. You can customize the colors, fonts, logos and even the domain name to match your company's branding.

Teloz's Customer Knowledge Base Software provides an easy-to-use dashboard that allows businesses to manage and organize their knowledge base content efficiently. You can create, edit, and publish articles, FAQs, and other content, as well as categorize and tag them for easy searching and navigation.

Yes, Teloz's Customer Knowledge Base Software provides analytics and reporting features to help businesses track the performance of their knowledge base with virtual contact center solutions. You can see how many users are accessing your knowledge base, what content is popular, and what searches are being performed. This data can help you optimize your knowledge base for better user experience.

Yes, Teloz's Customer Knowledge Base Software is secure. It uses industry-standard security measures to protect your knowledge base content and users' data with virtual contact center solutions.. Your knowledge base is hosted on a secure cloud-based platform, and all data transmissions are encrypted using SSL/TLS technology to ensure that your data is safe and secure.