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Have the Industry’s best reliability at par with the reputed SMS Platform

Receive real-time alerts for high-priority messages. Automatically monitor and respond to customers in minutes. Scale your SMS operations ease with SMS Campaigns.
Local Presence Dialing

A Variety of SMS that are perfect for your business

SMS Campaigns


SMS campaigns are more likely to be read than emails as they are easy to access. SMS marketing is personal and interactive. Messages are immediate and can be responded to quickly. SMS marketing is cost-effective with SMS Campaigns.


Send SMS messages from your computer or phone. Easily keep in touch with customers. It provides a very reliable service. Great for notifications, as you will get all the notifications from time to time with SMS Campaigns.

Transactional Opt-in SMS

Only send to those who have opted in, so you know the messages are welcome. It can include images, links, and multimedia for a richer experience. It is much cheaper than traditional SMS marketing with SMS Campaigns.

SMS Products


Send SMS messages to any mobile phone number in the world. Easy amalgamation with just a few lines of code. Reliable and high-quality service. Affordable & the most minimum prices offered with our SMS system.

SMS Campaigns

Communicate with a large number of customers at the same time. Send SMS in minutes, not hours. Keep your customers in the loop with up-to-date information. Boost customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Keep your customers safe with two-factor authentication. Protect your business against fraud and theft. Send out an OTP SMS in seconds to verify your customers. Easily integrate with your existing system.


Ease in use

Quickly send and receive text messages from your app or website. Integrate with just a few lines of code. No need to create and manage SMS gateways. Robust APIs for robust integrations. Create flows and workflows on our easy-to-use dashboard.

Take advanced analytics and reporting

Make decisions in real-time. Get an immediate understanding of how your campaigns are performing. See the bigger picture with actionable insights from all your data. Work more innovative, not more challenging, to achieve better results.

Completely Dependable

Achieve up to 97% delivery rates. Median delivery time of 3 seconds. APIs deliver 99.99% uptime. This way, you can rest assured that your message is delivered on time with the help of our SMS Software.

DLT Complaint & Safer platform.

Mitigate the risk of data breaches with end-to-end encryption. Comply with industry regulations and compliance mandates. Centralized management of sender IDs and messages.

Uses of these SMS

Send Updates

Keep users in the loop with updates on their account, company, or order. Deliver relevant and timely information to users through various channels such as email, push notifications, or SMS.


Send automated reminders to your customers promptly. Keep your customers updated on their payment dues. Help them remember essential appointments.

Survey & Feedback

Get valuable insights about your customers and their experience with your product or service. Understand what's your customers need is, Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by addressing issues.


Increase sales and conversions with personalized marketing. Reach more customers with highly targeted campaigns. Automate the process of creating and sending campaigns.

Product Important Features

Trustworthy platform and analytics

Get real-time insights on the performance of your SMS campaigns. Pinpoint issues and correct them in real time. Understand how your campaigns are performing
across different channels. 

SMS Metrics

Measure the impact of SMS on your business goals. For example, see how many SMS messages are sent and received. Get alerted when spam or fraudulent activity is detected.