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Call Center Management Software

Dramatically improve call quality and customer satisfaction. Route calls intelligently to the best available agent. Advanced Voice features for a better customer experience. Easy-to-use interface for managing your call center.
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Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

Teloz is the best Personalized Experience with Customizable IVR

Make sure your Voice menu and options are in line with your branding. Optimize your IVR system for a seamless customer journey. Ensure that customers reach the suitable agents every time. Improve better customer service with this facility.


Provide faster Voice response with Automated Directing of Calls

Achieve higher first contact resolution (FCR) rates. Reduce chances of human error. Direct customers to the correct algorithms. Select different options of routing which will avoid confusion amongst the customers using it for the first time or be it for many times.

Use the Auto Dialer Efficiently with teloz

Improve your Voice connection rate with an autodialer. Increasing efficiency with predictive dialing. Speed up the process with parallel predictive dialing. Make more sales calls by using a preview dialer. In this way, Auto Dialer can improve the productivity of your company to a large extent.


Provide A Wonderful Experience With Teloz CRM Integration

CRM integration is easy and hassle-free. First, choose from a wide range of CRMs that we integrate with. Then, get real-time updates on customer interactions right within your CRM. With this Voice system, you can easily do all your important work on the phone smoothly.

teloz Number Masking

With this Voice attribute, you can easily avoid issues created when they see the number and try to avoid talking. In this facility, the call receiver won’t be able to see the number of the sender by which he is calling. This is very important to have adequate privacy.


Have Access to role-based facilities with teloz

Reduced chances of human error by contact center agents. Easily assign user access privileges for better data privacy control. “Close check” on customer data and workbench access. This way, you can build good customer trust and loyalty.

Call Center Management Software Features


Access all customer information on a single screen. Improve agent efficiency and customer service. Eliminate the need to toggle between different screens. Unified Agent Desktop is customizable and easy to use. In this way, you would easily be able to avoid confusion.

Improve customer satisfaction by delivering automated, personalized follow-ups, Reduce missed opportunities, and improve first contact resolution rates. Increase customer engagement with convenient callback scheduling. Keep your agents focused on more essential tasks with automated callbacks.

Agents can make more calls with less time  manually dialing customer phone numbers. Customers will be connected to agents faster, without any delay or dropped calls. You can integrate the Click-to-Dial feature with your marketing campaigns to boost the response rate and overall effectiveness.

Improve customer satisfaction with fast and easy access to help. Reduce abandoned calls and increase first-call resolution rates. Increase agent productivity by allowing them to work collaboratively. Supervisors can manage and monitor agents in real-time for better performance.


Some other Important Features


Keep your agents productive and connected, no matter where they are. Enable home-working and flexible hours for your agents. Improve customer satisfaction with timely responses. Get all the features necessary for the growth of your company.

730 series gives your business a professional mobile caller feel. Improved customer experience with high priority. More customers are contacting you due to the unique number. Easier for customers to remember your number. This will enable you to establish a good recall value.

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