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Streamline Business Communication with Teloz Features

Improve customer satisfaction with hassle-free call center management software features. Enjoy round-the-clock customer support and service with our software. Boost agent productivity and efficiency with time-saving blended call center features.
Blended Call Center Features

Incoming, Outgoing & blended call center features with Teloz

Number Masking

Keep your customer data private and confidential with a number masking feature. Mask the customer numbers in all reports, dashboards, call recordings, and live to monitor. Protect your customers from spam and telemarketing calls.

Automated Call Distributor

Increase customer satisfaction by quickly reducing wait time and getting them to the right person. Eliminate human error by using a computer routing system. Integrate with your current phone system for a smooth transition.

Unified Agent Desktop

Single window workbench that helps to reduce AHT. Keeps track of customer data in one place, and agents can access it easily. Helps to improve customer satisfaction as agents can provide better service.

Interactive Voice

Improve customer service with a powerful and blended call center features. Customize your IVR to fit the needs of your business perfectly. Easily manage and route calls using our user-friendly interface. Benefit from a hassle-free setup and installation process.

Click to Call

Speed up customer connection time by clicking to call. Connect with customers faster and more efficiently. Eliminate the need to punch numbers manually. Connect with more customers and blended call center features response times.

Automated Dialer

Speed up your outbound customer interactions. Improve call center agent productivity Automate the dialing process. Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your customer interactions. In this way this attribute can speed up the work process.

Teloz Exploring Inbound & Outbound Features


Inbound Call Center Features

Inbound call center solution with great IVR and intelligent routing to increase First Contact Resolution blended call center software.


Outbound Call Center Features

Outbound call centers optimize operations with multiple features to manage high call volumes for various purposes.

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

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Quality Monitoring

Quality monitoring improves customer call service and agent productivity. Reduce the amount of time needed to review call volume.

Voice Logger

Ensure customer satisfaction and quality service with recordings of each interaction. Gather data to assess performance and improve processes. Identify potential areas for improvement through a detailed analysis of conversations.

Self Performance Tracking

Improve agent performance by identifying areas for improvement. Get a detailed report of individual and team performance. Make changes to your blended call center features based on the data collected.

Call Scoring

Improve customer service with detailed call scoring reports. Identify strong and weak points in agent performance. blended call center features and team performances. Generate scorecards to improve agent training

Call Monitoring

Ensure call quality and meet benchmarks with call monitoring. Enjoy features like call barging, whisper, and listening to ensure a blended call center features. Eliminate the guesswork from your customer service strategies.

CRM Integrations

Keep all customer data in one place for easy access and analysis. Improve customer service response times by having all customer data available in real time blended call center software.
blended call center features


Eliminate the need to search through long email chains or customer data files to find information on a customer service request. Instead, provide customer service reps with the most up-to-date information on a customer service request by integrating with zendesk.

blended call center features

Sugar CRM

Keep customer data synchronized and accessible from one place. Improve customer service by providing a strong access to customer history and account details. Speed up sales cycles by having all the customer information at your fingertips.

blended call center features


Equip your agents with everything they need to deliver a seamless customer experience. Seamlessly integrate Teloz Engage with freshdesk . Get an exceptional customer experience. Equip your agents with everything at their fingertips.

blended call center features


Make use of the customer information to provide a better support experience. Build trust with customers as you can view their entire purchase history and contact details. Resolve customer queries faster as all the data is available at your fingertips.

Reports and Dashboard

Get immediate insights into the performance of your call center. Pinpoint problem areas and take corrective action quickly with blended call center software.

Birds Eye View

Get a real-time view of all your campaigns and their performance metrics. See how each campaign is performing compared to the rest. Easily spot and fix performance gaps in your campaigns. blended call center features based on data.

Full-Scale Reporting

Get a full-scale view of your customer service operations in seconds. Spot trends and areas of improvement with ease. Obtain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. Keep tabs on agent productivity with a single click.

Live Agent Monitoring

Efficiently manage your blended call center features in real-time from a single interface. See agent activity and performance metrics on one screen in near-real time. Analyze customer data and interactions to make timely decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Blended Call Center Features Management Software provided by Teloz company is a service that integrates various communication channels, such as phone, email, chat, and social media, to manage customer interactions efficiently. This software enables agents to handle multiple communication channels simultaneously, ensuring faster resolution times and better customer satisfaction.

Teloz's Blended Call Center Features Management Software integrates different communication channels through a unified platform. This platform allows agents to manage all customer interactions, regardless of the communication channel, from a single interface. This integration includes features such as automatic call distribution, IVR routing, and omnichannel queuing.

Teloz's Cloud Contact Center Software is suitable for anyone with a high-speed internet connection, even distant workers. So your staff can work from wherever they want to work.

Teloz can provide your company with cloud contact center software that is:

  • Highly adaptable and scalable
  • Low infrastructure costs
  • Maintenance is minimal.
  • Deployment simplicity
  • Operators can function from remote areas.

Teloz can offer all of your company's services in one spot. We provide virtual telephone lines from over 160 countries, worldwide SIP trunking with SMS forwarding, and contact center software to enterprises worldwide!

A blended contact center combines both inbound and outbound call capabilities, allowing agents to manage incoming customer queries and make outgoing calls for sales, follow-ups, or customer satisfaction surveys. This integration of services ensures a more dynamic, flexible, and efficient call center operation.

Blended call center software streamlines operations by automatically distributing inbound and outbound calls based on agent availability and skill set. This optimizes call handling, reduces wait times for customers, and enhances overall productivity.

Key features to look for include automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), call recording, real-time analytics, CRM integration, and workforce management tools. These features collectively enhance customer experience and operational efficiency.

Yes, many blended call centers are equipped to support remote work. Cloud-based solutions enable agents to access the system from anywhere, maintaining productivity and service levels irrespective of their location.