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ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) System

This powerful and flexible Teloz ACD software is designed to route calls to the most appropriate agents for faster resolution times. automatic call distributor also offers robust features and options that can be customized to fit your specific business needs.
automatic call distributor

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

What does Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) mean?

You’ve come to the proper location if you’re seeking a top-notch automatic call distributor. Based on pre-established routing criteria, our ACD system directs calls to the best person, team, or available IVR systems. With our skill-based and intelligent routing, you may steer clear of common blunders and choose the obvious course to increase productivity. Pick Teloz automatic call distribution  for all your telephone needs instead of settling for anything less than the best.
automatic call distributor

Advantages of an Teloz automatic call distributor

Boost group effectiveness

Using an automatic call distributor system will always help you to be guaranteed that your every call will be handled by the most qualified agent for the customer's needs. As a result, you may create the ideal solution for your company by choosing Teloz.

Quick Answering of Calls

Quick resolution of issues is possible with your company team's immediate reaction to priority calls. To ensure that all of your customers have a tailored customer experience, Teloz Call Center automatic call distribution, move high-value consumers to the most qualified agents.

Minimize call center expenses

Our computerized call routing system is the ideal response. Improve your first call resolution rate and save time and money by promptly answering calls and moving them to the most qualified agent. With the help of our system, inquiries are responded.

Efficient call routing

Effective call routing enables you to seamlessly transfer calls from one campaign to another while keeping the context intact. Even if a caller is in the incorrect campaign, your agents can rapidly transfer them to the appropriate department.

Features From ACD To Boost Your Customer Service with teloz

Monitoring & Reporting

A crucial tool is called monitoring and reporting. Based on past and current customer data, it enables managers to acquire insight into the effectiveness of campaigns and make adjustments.

Queue Announcement

Our incoming calls routing software automatically put callers on hold during periods of high call volume and inform them of their location in the queue, the anticipated wait time till the next available agent.

Connect WithServer

DNIS (Dialed number identification service) is ideal if you're seeking a technique to communicate with your customers across several locations.

Working Of Cloud Contact Center

Businesses can use automatic call distributor  systems to route calls to the most appropriate agent based on predetermined criteria, guaranteeing that clients will always speak with someone who can help them with their problems. As a result, with automatic call distributor you can be sure that your callers will always be connected with the appropriate person who will lead to happier customers and more effective customer service.

Information and identity of the caller

The first step of automatic call distributor system is gathering information and identifying the caller. Companies can find a customer’s location and native language via caller ID systems. It enables them to provide better customer service.
automatic call distributor

Call Queueing

No matter how busy they are, the next agent available will always answer your call. And if you’re concerned about wait times, you shouldn’t be because the routing algorithm considers traffic volume, the time of day, and queue wait times to ensure you get the best service possible.

Distribution of Calls

You’ll have all you need with the Distribution of Calls solution to succeed in customer service and surpass the competition. With automatic call distributor the help of our system, contact centers may route calls to the agents who are best suited to manage them. In addition, it implies that your clients will always speak to a helpful person regardless of their issue.

Pick from a range of ACD Types.

Algorithms for Flexible ACD Call Routing

With the help of this advanced software, you may choose how and to whom you want to direct your calls depending on elements like CRM information, IVR choice, operational hours, and agent skills. It guarantees that each caller enjoys the greatest experience possible. In addition, creating and managing your automatic call distribution icon algorithms is simple with the Node Flow Designer.
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Routing based on customer preferences

With this routing method, clients can reach the appropriate agent faster. In addition, you may provide them access to a hotline for faster response. If you receive many calls, you can give VIP clients priority, so they receive the greatest care. It is ideal to guarantee your most crucial clients are satisfied with automatic call distribution.

Routing calls on a behavioral or transactional basis

The transactional or behavioral analysis ensures that every customer receives the best support possible and that your call center representatives can manage every call effectively. They can be directed to the correct queue by making relevant product offers. Your call center operations will be more efficient thanks to this intelligent call routing technology, enhancing customer satisfaction.