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outbound Call center

Increase customer engagement and connect rate. Boost sales and conversions with powerful outbound call center features. Improve customer service with intelligent automated outbound calling dialers. Easy to use and customize with a user-friendly interface.
Outbound Call Center

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

Teloz define an Outbound Call Center Software

Increase agent productivity and installation rates. Filter answering machines and deduct the time wasted on non-connects. Computerize dialing for a more efficient process. Improve call center operations for a better customer experience.

Manage Agent Assignment

Achieve campaign consistency with the auto-agent assignment. Improve agent productivity and reduce the chances of human error. Easily create, delete, or modify campaigns on the fly. Maximize contact center efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.
Outbound Call Center
Outbound Call Center

Well Informed Communication

Preview Dialer allows your agents to familiarize themselves with the customer before the call is connected, tweaking their sales pitch accordingly. Particularly useful when a list contains high-value prospects or customers. Helps reduce agent training time and improve first-call resolution rates.

Automated Dialing

Automated outbound calling dials customer contact numbers. Eliminates the need for manual dialing. Agent productivity increases with minimal training. CRM integration allows for caller data to be pulled automatically. This is very beneficial for companies in the long run
Outbound Call Center
outbound Call Center

Reduction in Idle Time

Decreases the amount of time your agents spend idle or on hold. Predictive dialing software helps increase connect rates, ultimately leading to more sales. Helps optimize your agent’s schedule for maximum productivity. Proven technology that has helped countless automated outbound calling across different industries.

Increase the Number of calls Connected with automated outbound calling

Automated outbound calling software helps to make more calls per hour and connect with more prospects, thus driving business growth. In addition, with auto-dialing, agents are freed up to focus on essential tasks like closing deals or attending to customer needs, thereby maximizing their productivity.
Outbound Call Center
outbound Call Center

Improve Agent Productivity

Achieve faster customer resolutions with a unified desktop. Reduce average handling time and improve agent productivity. Eliminate the need for manual tasks with features like voicemail drop and callback scheduling. Maximize customer interactions with powerful contact center software.

Monitor Metrics and KPI

Get real-time insights into connect rates, call volumes, campaign data summary, etc., to control the automated outbound calling software better. Reports and dashboards help make better resource allocation and campaign management decisions.
Outbound Call Center
outbound Call Center

Have a conversation context

Seamless Integration with CRMs and customer support systems. Get a comprehensive view of your customer journey. Drive better and more personalized interactions. Improve first call resolution rate. This will develop customer retention in the long run.

Data Centers

Add mobile-like numbers to your business for a higher call pickup rate. Get priority treatment for customers with 730930 series numbers. Increase customer satisfaction with the feel of a mobile number. Keep your business growing with 24/7 support and round-the-clock operations.
outbound Call Center

Advantages of Outbound Call Center Software

Agent Productivity

Automated outbound calling eliminates the need for operators to dial numbers physically.

Answering Machine

Only route calls to operators when a human answers, screening out answering machines.

Textual Communication

Real-time call center interfaces to send and retrieve data from CRM for smooth communication.

Higher Sales

Increase your sales by reaching out to as more as prospects in less time that will help to boost sales.

Lead Management

Increase call connections by automatically varying the pace ratio based on the quality of your lead list.


Perform market research survey to provide valuable insights for improving your product or features.

Valuable Feedback

Using an autodialer, solicit consumer feedback for all the service quality or customer experience.

The ideal time to call

Based on all the past data, intelligent auto dialer software determines the optimal moment to call.

Send communication

With outbound calling software, you may send reminders or mass messages to as many people as possible.

Campaign Handling

Build automated outbound calling and make customization based on all the real-time information you want.

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Some Important Attributes of Outbound Calling Software

Predictive Dialer

Speed up the sales process by automating your dialing. You can increase your Number of contacts daily with little extra effort. Dial any sequence that you want to maximize contact rates.

Preview Dialer

View customer details before making an outbound call. Eliminate the need to ask customer's contact information multiple times. Boost the accuracy of your data by viewing it before you call.

Auto Dialer

With Auto-Dialer, get your call connect at the fastest rates improved with increased in agent's productivity. It works with any phone or VOIP line and also it is straightforward to use.

Click to call

Eliminate all the need for you to leave the customer view or CRM to place calls. Improve your customer satisfaction by allowing them to call you with a single click.

Call Recording

Record calls for quality assurance and compliance purposes. Easily access and manage recordings from a centralized location. Improve customer service and agent productivity.

Call Disposition

Add disposition codes to the call log to capture relevant call context. Gain insight into customer sentiment and needs. Identify problem areas and take corrective action.


Avoid costly fines from the FCC. Protect your customers' privacy by keeping their contact information confidential. Maintain a positive reputation for your company.

Reporting Of Calls

Know how long your customers are waiting on the phone and what you can do to reduce wait times. Get reports on who is calling your company and why they are calling (inbound or outbound).

Control of Live Calls

Speed up the sales process by automating your dialing. You can increase your Number of contacts daily with little extra effort. Dial any sequence that you want to maximize contact rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Outbound Call Center Software service is a comprehensive software solution designed to enhance the outbound call center capabilities of businesses. It is a cloud-based service that enables businesses to manage their outbound call operations more efficiently and effectively.

Teloz's Outbound Call Center Software service comes with a range of features, including auto-dialing, call recording, call routing, real-time reporting, and customizable scripts. It also includes integration with CRM systems, lead management, and compliance management.

Yes, Teloz's Outbound Call Center Software service can be customized to meet the specific requirements of businesses. The software can be tailored to incorporate specific features, such as custom workflows and data fields, to improve business processes and outcomes.

Yes, Teloz's Outbound Call Center Software service can integrate with other systems and applications. It provides open APIs that allow seamless integration with other business systems, including CRM, helpdesk, and marketing automation software.

Yes, Teloz's Outbound Call Center Software service is suitable for businesses of all sizes, including small, medium, and large enterprises. The software is scalable and can be customized to meet the unique needs of businesses.