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Call Center Quality Monitoring

We provide call center quality monitoring to businesses to help them improve their customer service operations.

Quality Monitoring

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

Agent Performance Evaluation and Monitoring

Our system allows managers to evaluate the performance of individual agents, listen to recorded calls, assess the agent’s communication skills, customer service abilities, and compliance with company policies.

Quality Monitoring
Quality Monitoring

Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction

Our system is equipped with a variety of quality assurance tools that enable managers to evaluate the quality of customer interactions, call scoring, and detailed reports on call quality which can be used to identify areas for improvement and take action to address them.

Training and Coaching for Agents

Our system allows managers to provide training and coaching to agents based on their performance, providing customized training to help them improve skills, leading to higher customer satisfaction and better overall call center performance.

Quality Monitoring
Quality Monitoring

Compliance and Security Measures for Data

Our system is designed to help businesses comply with regulatory requirements and maintain the security of customer data, with features such as automatic call recording, compliance reporting, and secure data storage to help businesses meet regulatory requirements and protect customer data.

Integration and Scalability for Your Growing Business

Teloz call center quality monitoring system can be easily integrated with other business systems such as CRM, helpdesk, and ticketing system, providing a seamless and efficient experience, and highly scalable to accommodate the growth of your business and adapt to changes in your call center operations.

Quality Monitoring

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Some of the key features of our call center quality monitoring system include

Live call monitoring:

Allows managers to listen in on live calls in real-time, without interrupting the conversation with us.

Call recording

Enables managers to record and archive calls for later review and analysis anytime, anywhere you are.

Performance metrics

Tracks key performance indicators such as call duration, call volume, and agent availability.

Quality assurance

Allows managers to evaluate the quality of customer interactions and identify areas for improvement.

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Contact Center Management Software is a robust solution that allows businesses to serve and support their customers. A contact center management software incorporates various customer service tools that collectively enable their customers to reach out to them for product inquiries, refund issues, and complaints against the business’s service(s) or product(s) as well as to enable business representatives to reach out to their customers to inform them about offers, discounts, booking confirmation, and other information.

A call center management software makes it easier for customers to contact a business for various reasons that may include product information, refund issues, and complaints against the business’s service(s) or product(s). A customized IVR system and auto routing algorithms in place makes the entire customer journey absolutely hassle-free.

A call management system helps businesses to intelligently route and manage inbound and outbound calls. It also enables business performance tracking by offering real-time call reporting with various other features. In a nutshell, a Call Management System is a software solution that empowers contact centers with improved customer interactions and enhanced customer experience.

The cost of a contact center software varies depending upon the business requirements. Since it comes with customizable features and capabilities, the price depends on various factors, such as number of licenses required, auto dialer requirements, IVR customization, voice logger or call recording requirements, and the list goes on. You may request for a free consultation with our experts to know more about the costing.

Teloz Voice comprises all modern capabilities and features that smoothens the customer journey and maximizes customer satisfaction. The major highlights of the software are customizable IVR, automated routing, auto dialers- Predictive Dialer, Progressive Dialer, Preview Dialer, and Parallel Predictive Dialer, number masking capability, and CRM integration.