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Boost your Singapore business with a virtual phone number

Meaning of Singapore Virtual Phone Number

Level up your business with a Singapore VoIP Number. Establish a strong virtual presence in Singapore without breaking the bank with Singapore VoIP Number. Boost customer engagement, reduce call costs, and build a reputable brand. Seamlessly manage calls and messages, forward them to any location, and expand your regional reach effortlessly. Start reaping the benefits of a Singapore Virtual Phone Number today.

Singapore Virtual Phone Number

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Outstanding Features of the Singapore Virtual Phone Number

Experience the power of Teloz’s Singapore Virtual Phone Number. Unlock a world of communication and collaboration possibilities with our advanced features. Say goodbye to limited functionality, and say hello to endless productivity.

Singapore Virtual Phone Number

Significance of having a Singapore virtual phone number

Don’t let unknown numbers hold your business back with the Singapore Virtual Phone System Get a Singapore Virtual Phone Number to boost your growth. Customize your phone number to target the Singapore market and watch your business thrive.

Significance of having a Singapore virtual phone number (1)

Discover the Amazing Advantages of Teloz Singapore VoIP Number

Skyrocket your success worldwide with our state-of-the-art Singapore Virtual Telephony.  Our cost-effective solution empowers your agents and takes your customer communications to the next level, giving your business a competitive edge. With its unparalleled scalability, customization options, and portability, our virtual number is the ultimate choice for global expansion.

Establishing a local presence in Singapore.

Level up your business in Singapore with Teloz's virtual phone numbers. Dominate the local market and earn the trust of your customers and partners.

Pocket friendly

Slash your expenses and boost your savings with Teloz's Singapore virtual phone numbers. Discover four budget-friendly plans tailored to suit your business requirements.

Enhanced productivity.

Boost your productivity and simplify call management with Teloz's cutting-edge features like IVR, SDAP, Smart Switch, and more. Streamline your calling process like never before.


Singapore Virtual Phone Number

What is the process of obtaining a Singapore virtual phone number?

Characteristics of the Singapore Virtual Phone Number.

Power Dialer Integration.

Unleash the power of efficiency with Teloz's Power Dialer. Increase productivity by making multiple calls effortlessly to reach your daily targets.

Automated Call Distribution

Sort and direct incoming calls based on specific conditions for optimal routing.


Save time and money with our interactive technology that allows you to engage with callers effortlessly. Interact with ease through our automated platform.

Call Analytics

Effortlessly monitor your phone support performance. Track missed calls, call load for each teammate, and more.

Call Monitoring

Enhance Communication Quality by Listening to Representatives' Calls.

Transfer of Call

Effortlessly transfer calls to coworkers for prompt and efficient handling.

Recording of Call

Boost your team's performance and never miss a crucial detail by recording all calls on your numbers.

Call Conference

Collaborate with multiple parties effortlessly by adding a third person to your call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to establish a strong local presence in Singapore? Get a Singapore Virtual Phone System with Teloz and make it easy for customers and partners to reach you. Our virtual phone numbers offer cost savings, improved productivity, and innovative features that will take your business to new heights.

Easily Get Virtual Phone Numbers for Singapore with Teloz


Easily achieve your goals with these quick and straightforward steps:


  • Join Teloz and enjoy seamless communication.
  • Sign in using your unique username and password.
  • Personalize your Singapore virtual phone number.
  • Simply choose 'Add Number' and select Singapore from the country list.
  • Complete the payment, set up your account, and begin making online calls instantly.

Boost your local presence in Singapore with our virtual phone numbers. Gain credibility and trust with customers and connections by having a local Singapore phone number. Expand your business, improve communication, and drive growth in the Singapore market.

Attention Singapore residents: Let's talk phone numbers! In Singapore, your phone number follows a specific format. It's made up of 8 digits, with the first digit being either 6 or 8. When written, it looks something like this: "+65 XXXX XXXX."


But what about mobile numbers? Well, they have their own special start too! Singapore mobile numbers always begin with either 8 or 9. So, if you see a number like this: "+65 9XXX XXXX," you'll know it's a mobile number.

Stay connected with the right format for Singapore phone and mobile numbers!