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Teloz For Small Business

A total phone system with small business call center video features

Eliminate the need for multiple phone and messaging apps. Get a professional phone system for your small business at an affordable price. Keep your team connected with contact center video call capabilities.

small business call center

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

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custom applications

Teloz Work as a team

small business call center
Enjoy high flexibility with Teloz.

Get connected Instantly

Protect your privacy by having a separate business number. Increase business efficiency with a local, global, or toll-free number. Stay connected and productive while on the go

Easily take calls on the go with your smartphone. Never miss a call with voicemail and caller ID. Set up extensions for team members in minutes & get a professional phone number for your business.

A common vendor

Have One everyday bill for all business communications

Get real-time analytics for your contact center video call. Quickly identify and diagnose problems or performance issues for small business call center. Easily report on service quality, system usage, and other key performance indicators.

Save time and money by consolidating all your communication tools into one system. Enjoy crystal-clear video quality for all your calls and meetings. Connect with clients and colleagues in minutes

Small Business Call Center
Small Business Call Center
Simple to Measure

Instant Expansion

Keep all your essential work apps in one place. Quickly and easily connect to the apps you use every day. Customize your amalgamation experience to fit your specific needs.

Reduce ramp-up time by 50%. Scale without sacrificing security or compliance. Works with your existing tools and processes.

Small Business Call Center

Always stay in touch

Experience 99.999% uptime and 24/7 customer support with our small business call center’s carrier-grade infrastructure.

Small Business Call Center

Personal & Safeguarded

Keep your data secure with high-grade security for small business call center. Encrypt all your meetings & conversations.
Small Business Call Center


Your small business call center solution

You can improve communication with your employees and consumers by combining Teloz MVP and Live Reports for small business call center

Products offered by Teloz

Contact Center

Deliver a personalized customer experience with an omnichannel cloud contact center. Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty with superior communication for small business call center

Business Phone system

Team contact center video call conferencing for up to 10 people in one call. Connect with customers and colleagues from anywhere in the world for small business call center

Limitless video & team meeting

Host as many contact center video call as you want for free with the help of teloz. Collaborate on projects with your team efficiently and effectively for small business call center.

Suitable for all Industry types

Retail offers a centralized platform for all communication needs; online and in-store Messaging is easy and convenient for customers, whether they’re online or in your store

Communicate with your team and donors through Video Messaging and phone calls in one place. Keep your volunteers engaged with automated tasks and small business call center reminders.

Mitigate risk and enhance compliance with secure communications. Enhance patient engagement through interactive messaging for small business call center.

Keep your business communications secure with end-to-end encryption. Connect with clients from anywhere in the world with our mobile app for small business call center.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Teloz offers a range of video and messaging solutions for small businesses, including Teloz Meeting, Teloz Message, and Teloz Chat. These solutions are designed to be easy to use, affordable, and scalable to meet the needs of small businesses.

Teloz Meeting is a video conferencing solution that allows small businesses to host virtual meetings with their employees, customers, and partners. It includes features such as screen sharing, file sharing, virtual backgrounds, and recording capabilities. Small businesses can use Teloz Meeting to collaborate and communicate effectively, while also reducing travel costs and increasing productivity for small business call center.

Teloz Message is a unified messaging solution that allows small businesses to manage their email, voicemail, and fax messages in a single inbox. It also includes features such as call forwarding, caller ID, and customizable greetings. Small businesses can use Teloz Message to improve their communication efficiency and effectiveness.

Teloz Chat is a messaging solution that allows small businesses to communicate with their customers and employees in real-time. It includes features such as group messaging, file sharing, and custom branding. Small businesses can use Teloz Chat to provide fast and convenient customer service, as well as to collaborate and communicate internally for small business call center.

Small businesses can benefit from using Teloz's video and messaging solutions in several ways. These solutions can help improve communication and collaboration, increase productivity and efficiency, reduce communication costs, enhance customer service and support, and provide greater flexibility and mobility for employees. By using these solutions, small businesses can compete more effectively in today's fast-paced business environment for small business call center.