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Reach customers easily with integrated business SMS

Experience hassle-free management of business SMS, mirroring the simplicity of organizing your mailbox. Effortlessly handle your SMS communications with ease and efficiency.

Business SMS

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

Benefits of using integrated SMS for business

Enhanced Deliverability

Finds new stringent carrier compliances, lowering the risk for both senders and recipients.

Increase open rates

Do you have any mates who don't text? SMS reaches even the most technologically illiterate customers.

Simple to use

Log in and send professional SMS from your desktop or mobile device in minutes.

All in one app

Send, receive, and maintain all of your calls, business SMS, and much more from a single location.

Understand how business SMS works

Business SMS

Quick and effective communication

SMS is a direct, quick, and effective way to communicate.

SMS allows you to communicate with distributors and consumers more quickly. Consumers see a 95% open rate and 7x engagement when compared to email.

Now you can make your text messages more attractive by attaching pictures to them.

Simply sign up for the account and start sending and receiving messages in a couple of minutes.

Simple management

Setup in a couple of minutes

It takes minutes to add additional phone numbers and devices. 

Our pre-built integrations make it easy to start, or you can use our open APIs to build your workflows. 

Never miss a beat with this all-in-one communications manager. Stay organized and on top of things like never before with this.

Your shipping process will be easier to manage, Whether you're sending packages abroad or within the country.

Business SMS

Understand how business SMS works

blended call center features

Enhance support

Our SMS solution enables businesses to promptly and effectively reply to consumer inquiries, boosting customer satisfaction levels.

blended call center features

Boost Sales

This handy little app can check the customer contact information and track your sales. This way, you can boost your sale.

blended call center features

Reduce costs

Equip your agents with everything they need to deliver a seamless customer experience. Seamlessly integrate Teloz Engage with Freshdesk.

Business SMS

Send an SMS from your convenient app

Teloz allows you to send SMS using your daily convenient application. You don’t need to install another app for this specific thing.
Business SMS

Create conversion-oriented campaigns

You can launch a campaign and write customized messages that speak to your audience precisely, and they can reply in real time. 

How to measure SMS outreach success for customer engagement

When measuring the success of SMS outreach for customer engagement, you can consider several key metrics that indicate the effectiveness and impact of your campaigns. Here are some common ways to measure SMS outreach success:
Business SMS
This metric represents the percentage of SMS messages successfully delivered to the intended recipients. It helps you assess the quality of your contact database and the reliability of your SMS service provider.
Similar to email marketing, the open rate measures the percentage of recipients who open and read your SMS messages. It provides insights into the effectiveness of your message content, timing, and overall appeal.
The response rate indicates the percentage of recipients actively responding to your SMS messages, such as replying to a question, taking a survey, or engaging in a conversation. A higher response rate signifies better customer engagement and interest.
This metric tracks the percentage of SMS recipients who take the desired action or complete a specific goal, such as purchasing, signing up for a service, or attending an event. It directly measures the effectiveness of your SMS outreach in driving customer conversions.
If your SMS includes links to web pages or landing pages, the CTR measures the percentage of recipients who click on those links. It helps you assess the level of interest and engagement generated by your SMS campaign.
This metric shows the percentage of recipients who choose to opt out or unsubscribe from receiving further SMS messages from you. Monitoring the opt-out rate helps you gauge customer satisfaction and the relevance of your SMS content.
By tracking the revenue generated from your SMS campaigns, you can directly measure their impact on your business's bottom line. This metric is especially relevant for e-commerce businesses or those promoting specific products or services through SMS.
Periodically survey your SMS recipients to gather feedback on their satisfaction levels. You can use ratings, Net Promoter Score (NPS), or open-ended questions to assess their overall experience with your SMS outreach efforts.
Analyze the long-term value of customers acquired through SMS outreach by measuring their CLV. By monitoring their repeat purchases, average order values, and retention rates, you can determine the effectiveness of SMS engagement in nurturing valuable customer relationships.

How to ensure compliance and prevent spam with SMS?

To ensure compliance and prevent spam with SMS (Short Message Service), you can follow these guidelines:
Before sending SMS messages, ensure that you have obtained explicit consent from the recipients. This can be done through opt-in mechanisms such as online forms or confirmation messages.
Include clear instructions on how recipients can opt out of receiving further messages. This can be done by providing a simple reply message with keywords like "STOP" or "UNSUBSCRIBE" that recipients can send to unsubscribe.
Once a recipient has opted out, ensure that you immediately remove them from your SMS distribution list and refrain from sending them any further messages.
Use a recognizable and legitimate sender ID that clearly identifies your organization or brand. Avoid using generic or random numbers that might appear suspicious or spammy to recipients.
Avoid excessive messaging to prevent irritating or spamming recipients. Establish reasonable limits on the number of messages you send within a specific time frame.
Ensure that the messages you send provide value to the recipients. Avoid sending irrelevant or promotional messages that might be perceived as spam.
Familiarize yourself with the relevant SMS marketing regulations in your region or country, such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in the United States or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union. Ensure that your SMS practices align with these regulations.
Keep your contact list up-to-date and remove inactive or invalid numbers. This helps to minimize the chances of sending messages to the wrong recipients or outdated information.
Partner with reputable SMS service providers that adhere to compliance regulations and have robust anti-spam measures in place. They can provide you with tools and features to manage compliance effectively.
Regularly monitor the delivery rates and responses to your SMS messages. Analyze the data to identify issues, improve your messaging strategy, and promptly address compliance concerns.
Business SMS

Use your convenient way to send an SMS

Business SMS

Through your tab or smartphone

Business SMS

Through your desktop

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business SMS is a platform that provides businesses with the ability to send SMS messages to their customers. It allows businesses to easily send and receive text messages with customers, providing a quick and convenient way to communicate important information.

Teloz's Business SMS works by allowing businesses to create and send text messages to their customers. Customers can then respond to those messages, creating a two-way conversation between the business and customer.

The benefits of using Teloz's Business SMS include increased customer enga