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Use Google's Business Messages to Convert Prospects Fast from Search and Map

Boost your leads and conversions from Google Business Messages and organic search results. Converted tips are warmer, as they have already been interested in your product or service.

Google Business Messages

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

Reasons to choose google's business messages

Consumers want instant & contextual responses

In today’s world, speed is essential. Therefore, brands that can give quick and contextual responses will be more successful in the long run.

More than 70% of consumers use private messaging over traditional methods

Consumers prefer personal messaging to resolve any issue or concern they may have with a brand. Brands that offer customer service over private messaging channels can resolve customer queries and complaints faster than those that don’t.

More than 60 % of all website traffic is driven by search

According to our study, more than 60% of all website traffic still comes from search Out of which, 40% is an organic search & 28% is paid search.


Minimizing Incoming call volume & costs

Minimize call volume and expense by up to 40%. Keep customers happy with a great customer experience. Higher efficiency and measurability of customer service operations

Google Business Messages
Google Business Messages

Higher Conversions with contingent & hyper-personalised communications

Connect with your customers in real-time for sales or service. Hyper-personalise communications by connecting with your local team. Contextual and meaningful messages that resonate with the customer

The meaning of Google Business Messages

A new communication technology that can let you get in touch with your customers

Automated ticket routing & creation

Minimize the time you spend managing customer support tickets. Route and generate tokens through Google Business Messages.

High media support

Communicate with your customers through many channels of media. Rich Media Support provides the best way to communicate with customers

Mobile communication channel

Convenient customer chat experiences across Google Maps, Search, and brand websites. Asynchronous messaging that doesn't require customers to wait on hold.

Hybrid Chat Solution

Chatbot technology allows for round-the-clock support and customer service. Bots can handle simple, common queries and direct customers to human agents when necessary

Improve CX with CSAT

By routing the customer issues to the best-suited agent, Teloz helps speed up the resolution time, thereby giving a better customer experience.

High Media Support

Customers can communicate with businesses through messages. Rich media support for communication. Easy to use for customers and businesses

Choosing Teloz for Google's business messages

Expertise in customer engagement

It has over 17 years of experience in customer engagement. It helps brands implement customer engagement across voice, email, chat, social media, and video mediums.

Google Business Messages

Recognized by brands worldwide

Higher customer satisfaction with speedier, more excellent support. Enhance agent productivity with omnichannel capabilities. We have a presence in major countries worldwide.

One common platform

Deliver a flawless customer experience across channels. Connect with customers through the media they prefer. Automate customer service and support processes. Enhance agent efficiency and productivity

Google Business Messages

Faster Accomplishment

Get started instantly with Teloz’s cloud offering of Google Business Messages. Have communications with customers in real-time. Grow with your business and feel confident that your data is safe and secure.

Payment according to usage

Reduce CAPEX costs. Get started quickly and grow at your own pace.No long term contracts or commitments.

Google Business Messages

Built for enterprises

Mitigate risk with a focus on security. Proven installation and roll-out process Certified by an independent IT Security Agency. Continuously adhere to industry best practices.

Teloz's Amalgamation with google business messages

Seamless Bot to Agent Transfer

Automate Routine Customer Inquiries

Single View of Customer

Unified Agent Desktop

Personalised Welcome Messages

Zero-Customer waiting time

Automate Routine Customer Inquiries

Ticket Management