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Industry’s First Mobile Call Center Solution

With Teloz’s advanced Cloud Contact Center Software, you can begin your path to a higher level of consumer care. You will be satisfied with low installation time, enterprise-grade safety, and highly customizable choices!
Mobile Call Center Solution

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

Operate the call center from your phone now

Monitor infrastructure

You can monitor infrastructure with Teloz. With the help of this comprehensive monitoring tool, you can keep tabs on the functionality of the devices and operating systems used by your remote agents. It allows you to spot issues early, solve them, and avoid them in the future.

Simple to use

With our comprehensive contact center suite, you don't need to constantly switch between tabs to find the information you need. Instead, you can manage your contacts and tasks and schedule them all in one location using Teloz. Additionally, interfaces with your current email .

Businesses encryption

You can be confident that the information about your customers is secure thanks to our cutting-edge security solution. Since the agent device doesn't save any data, you can be sure that their privacy is always protected, so keep your business safe and secure.

Business grade function

Teloz is used by all the size of businesses to handle a range of customer queries and sales leads. Our consumers depend on us for the most reliable and crystal-clear call experience. Teloz is developed to offer a fantastic calling experience at a reasonable cost.

Detailed Remote Monitoring

We provide a cloud-based phone service that gives companies the resources they need to enhance their operations and customer service. We offer various services, including call recording, monitoring, routing, and reporting, in contrast to conventional phone systems.

Less Infrastructure Require

Try Teloz, an effective remote contact center solution that doesn't require any infrastructure. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. If you want to increase your company's productivity and reduce costs.

Mobile Call Center Solution

Forget your infrastructure issue

Do not let your infrastructure prevent you from offering excellent customer service. You won’t have to worry about compromising voice quality for a fantastic client experience while using our mobile call center agent application, with guaranteed pristine speech quality. As a result, wherever your agents are, they can deliver the same high-quality customer support as they would in a conventional call center setting.

Improve the efficiency of your remote agents

The Teloz call center mobile app will make life easier for agents. Our floating widget allows agents to access call-related tasks using other apps. Simply click to dial, and you can end the call on the floating button. In addition, our toolbar enables customer care representatives to copy and paste information.
Mobile Call Center Solution
mobile call center

Protect customer data

Your agents’ lives will be made more accessible by the mobile app. In our floating widget, agents can effortlessly access call-related activities while using other apps. For example, to end a call, click the floating button after dialing the number. Customer service agents can also copy and paste data from our toolbar into Teloz so they can access it there.

Increased remote agent work commitment

With Teloz, you can be sure that the workforce of your remote agents remains productive and dedicated to their work. Teloz automatically logged out agents who have been inactive for a while, preventing the loss of valuable work time. Supervisors can choose the amount of time before an automatic logout takes place and receive notifications of any disturbances. Agents will also get reminders to keep working before their session expires with Mobile Call Center Solution.

mobile call center
mobile call center

Solve Remote Infrastructure Issues

No matter where your remote employees are located, you can keep an eye on the condition of their equipment and systems. It ensures that your staff is always working at its best. You may also discover call failures caused by device failure and take appropriate action thanks to the sophisticated reporting features. You have the resources you need with Teloz to keep your remote workforce connected and productive with mobile call center.

Be on top of remote call center activities

Working with remote call centers can be difficult. You need to constantly be alert to what’s going on and able to take swift action to keep things running smoothly. So it is when Teloz steps in. Total call center KPI visibility will allow you to stay on top of everything. In addition, agents can efficiently perform post-call tasks using the Teloz Mobile Application, such as marking call dispositions and notes. You can always stay one step ahead of the game this way with mobile call center.
Mobile Call Center
mobile call center

Never sacrifice on call center service

If you run a call center, you understand how crucial it is to have a reliable communication method with your staff. The Teloz Mobile Call Center Agent application differs from other call center apps. It offers a complete contact center experience with dialers to automate outbound calling, CTI integration to access all customer information, and agent self-tracking for routine tasks like calls handled and break frequency. Thanks to our app, even when your staff is working remotely, you can be sure that your call center will always run properly.

Features of Teloz

Video Conferencing

Dispositions & Notes

Video Call Scheduling

Quality Monitoring

Video Enabled Ticketing

Video Chat Recording


Enterprise-grade Security

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Call Center Solution Service is a cloud-based platform that enables businesses to manage their customer interactions and support services through mobile devices. The solution includes a range of features such as call routing, messaging, and real-time analytics, all accessible through a mobile app.

Teloz's Mobile Call Center Solution Service enables businesses to manage customer interactions through mobile devices by providing them with a range of tools and resources to communicate with customers on-the-go. The solution includes features such as call routing, messaging, and real-time analytics, which enable agents to respond to customer inquiries and support requests quickly and efficiently.

Teloz's Mobile Call Center Solution Service offers several key benefits for businesses, including increased flexibility and accessibility, improved agent productivity, and enhanced customer experience. By leveraging the solution's mobile capabilities, businesses can provide seamless, high-quality customer service and support, regardless of agent location.

Teloz's Mobile Call Center Solution Service uses advanced call routing capabilities to ensure that customer inquiries are directed to the most appropriate agent, regardless of whether they are using a mobile device or not. The solution enables businesses to route calls based on factors such as agent skill level, language proficiency, and customer priority, ensuring that customers are always connected to the right agent.

Teloz's Mobile Call Center Solution Service provides real-time analytics for mobile interactions through a mobile app. The solution enables agents to view real-time data on customer interactions, including call duration, wait times, and customer satisfaction ratings. This information can be used to identify trends, optimize workflows, and improve overall performance.