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The Ultimate Guide to Hosted Contact Centers: Benefits, Features, and Use Cases

Discover the full potential of hosted contact centers with our ultimate guide. Explore the benefits, features, and use cases of this powerful communication solution to enhance your customer experience and improve your business operations.

hosted contact center

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

What Does Hosted Contact Center Mean?

The hosted contact center is the solution for organizations to handle customer interaction on a cloud with minimal cost. Hosted contact center software is the ideal answer for all sizes of companies. We take all hosting and maintenance duties off-site so you can concentrate on your company’s objectives. Additionally, because our software is cloud-based, agents with a reliable internet connection can access it from anywhere within the company. Besides, it’s simple to scale up or down with our flexible plans as your needs change.
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The Reason Why You Should Have Hosted a Contact Center

The Management Of Resources

Using Teloz, your organization can reduce the number of internal technical personnel needed to manage day-to-day operations. In addition, this cutting-edge platform provides various options to help you simplify processes, boost productivity, and expand your business.


Teloz is a budget-friendly option for your company. You can concentrate on expanding your business by not having to pay for costly local infrastructure or real estate fees. Suitable for companies of all sizes and sectors.

Good flexibility

You can quickly measure your activities as needed without having to pay exorbitant charges. Our cutting-edge features and functionality are made to adapt to your company's evolving needs. We offer a solution ideal for you, whether your company is small or large.

Safe and encrypted

It's essential to protect and secure our data. You can feel secure knowing your data is protected with Teloz from viruses, hackers, and natural disasters. With our market-leading security and compliance solution, you can feel safe knowing that your information is continually safeguarded.

Quick setup

With our quick and simple setup, you'll be able to start serving customers right away and keep them coming back to you. Teloz eliminates the inconveniences associated with conventional customer assistance methods. Our first-rate features give you everything you need to provide your consumers with a fantastic experience.

Easy to maintain

Get Teloz, the low-maintenance hosted contact center, and stop letting your company suffer. You and your clients will be happy with the change you made. Additionally, we are a cloud-based system, and you won't ever have to worry about data loss or complex hardware problems.

The main feature of hosted contact center

Customer engagement space

Provide delightful customer experiences across channels. Boost sales and conversion rates with powerful engagement strategies. Automate customer service and support processes for better efficiency. Gather all the payments quickly and effectively through amalgamated collections solutions
hosted contact center

Auto Dialer

Omnichannel Support

Blended Campaigns


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Call Center Integrations

Flexible Deployment

Voice Logger & Blaster

Real-time Monitoring

CTI Integration

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

Single View of Customer

Call Recording

Unified Desktop

Call Center Reports

Non-Office Hours Call Management

What Hosted Contact Center Software is Best for Your

Management and Observation

Utilize this ground-breaking software to allow your managers to track and keep an eye on the performance of hosted contact center personnel. As a result, you’ll be able to spot opportunities for improvement and swiftly and effectively carry out remedial actions.

hosted contact center
hosted contact center

Featured Security

Our security system is intended to keep you secure day and night. If there is any abnormal activity happing, our software immediately alerts you. To get the best possible protection, we only utilize the hardware of the highest quality.

Integrated Contact Center Features

Inbound features like automatic call distribution, skills-based routing, and call queuing can help you manage calls efficiently and ensure every customer gets the help. Outbound features like predictive and manual dialing let you contact more consumers in less time.

hosted contact center