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Teloz Privacy Policy

Teloz Privacy Policies for its customers

Teloz will protect your data using the latest security measures. We never share or sell your data to third-party marketers. You have control over your data and can choose to opt out anytime. We are transparent about our data practices and will always keep you informed.

We take your privacy seriously and will protect your data. We use transparent and lawful practices when processing your data. You can access your data anytime and control how it is used. We value transparency and will keep you updated on changes to Teloz Privacy Policy.

The meaning of personal data

GDPR requires companies to protect personal data and consent from individuals before collecting, using or sharing their data. Teloz Privacy Policy helps companies comply with GDPR by protecting personal data and getting permission from individuals before collecting, using, or sharing their data.
Personal data is information that can identify an individual. Teloz also provides other tools and services to help companies comply with GDPR.

The Database which we have

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Uses of Data

Personal data is collected and used responsibly to provide tailored sales and marketing material. You will always be kept up-to-date on the Uses of Data services and products through timely information delivered straight to your inbox. In addition, we work tirelessly to protect your data during storage and transmission using the latest security measures.
Get the most accurate and up-to-date information. Easy opt-out if you choose not to receive emails. Marketing materials provide more value. We take data Teloz Privacy Policy seriously and ensure that all personal data is protected. We only use collected data to improve your experience and provide better services.

Third-Party Involvement

General Sharing

We take data Teloz Privacy Policy seriously and ensure that all personal data is protected. We only use collected data to improve your experience and provide better services.

You can unsubscribe from our mailing list or contact us any time to stop receiving communications from us. In addition, you have the right to access, update or delete your data at any time.

Sub Processes

We use various security measures to protect your data, including encryption and authentication technology. Our partners are contractually obligated to comply with applicable laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which they operate. By transferring data to carefully selected global partners, we can provide our Services to users worldwide.


Partnering with other companies allows us to focus on what we do best while they support us in areas where we need extra assistance. We protect your data with state-of-the-art security measures. We will only disclose your data to agents and subprocessors who agree to save it following our Privacy Policy.

Third-Party Links

Refer to our Teloz Privacy Policy before sharing any information on a third-party website. We shall not be liable for misusing data transmitted on that webpage. Use caution when providing personal information on a third-party website. Protect your privacy by referring to our Privacy Policy before sharing any data online.

Data Subject Rights Knowledge by Teloz

Profile Building

Will never use your data without your consent. We are committed to transparency and accountability. Our decisions will always be fair and ethical. But, of course, you have the right to access and correct your data anytime.

Changes in Privacy Policy

You will always be aware of what data we are collecting and how it is used. Without your consent, we will never sell your data to a third party or use it for marketing purposes. You can access, update, or delete your data at any time. We take our responsibility to protect your data very seriously.

Go through Personal Data

We take data privacy and protection seriously and will always work to comply with Data Subject Requests. We have extensive experience handling these requests, so you can be confident that we will take them efficiently and effectively. In addition, our platform makes it easy for you to access the personal data of individuals whose data you have or process on behalf of another party.



The security of your data is our top priority. Our security practices and procedures include managerial, technical, operational, and physical security control measures. In addition, we use state-of-the-art technology to protect your data from unauthorized access or disclosure.


We take complaints about our handling of Subject Access Requests seriously. We will try to fix any issue you have with how we have handled your request. We want to know if you are dissatisfied with our response. Our CTO is available to help resolve any Teloz Privacy Policy complaint.


Retrieving of Data

We will not store your data longer than necessary for the purpose we have processed your data, including our legal requirements to retain data after completing the Services. How long we retain your data depends on the laws governing such data or till the time the customer requests for deletion of data.