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John M. Bartel

Customer Support Specialist

Assisting customers with inquiries and resolving any issues

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Responding to customer inquiries

The customer support specialist is the first point of contact for customers who need assistance with a product or service. Knowledgeable about the products or services and be able to provide quick and accurate responses to customer inquiries.

Resolving customer complaints

Customers may sometimes encounter problems with products or services, and it's the role of the customer support specialist to listen to their complaints and provide solutions to the problem of the customer it helps to build a good relationship between owner and clients.

Managing customer relationships

A customer support specialist in a management team is responsible for managing customer relationships. They must build rapport with customers, ensure that their needs are met, and keep them updated on any changes or developments related to the products or services.

Providing feedback to the management team

Provides feedback to the management team on customer inquiries, complaints, and feedback. This information can help the company to identify areas for improvement and make changes to its products or services.

Developing customer service policies

Also responsible for developing customer service policies and procedures. They ensure that the policies are in line with the company's values and objectives and are communicated effectively to customers.

Brand loyalty

Responsible for developing and implementing operational plans that align with the overall strategy of the company. This involves identifying key performance indicators (KPIs), setting targets, and monitoring progress toward successful business goals.