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Contact Center Solutions
For Edtech Omnichannel Platform

Increased efficiency and effectiveness of communication with students, staff, and parents. Easier access to information for all stakeholders for edtech omnichannel platform.

Edtech Omnichannel Platform

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

Teloz for your education contact center

Edtech Omnichannel Platform

All under one roof

Deliver a persistent customer experience across all channels. Get in touch with students on their preferred track. Resolve issues and queries speedily and efficiently. Preserve the context of communications for future reference. Edtech omnichannel platform will help increase efficiency in the company.

Easy Integrations With Leading CRMs

Deliver context-driven interactions with easy CRM Integrations. Increase conversion rates with intelligent routing and IVR. Get a 360-degree view of the customer with robust reporting and analytics. edtech omnichannel platform provide flexible distribution options to fit your business needs & making changes accordingly. 

Edtech Omnichannel Platform
Edtech Omnichannel Platform

Highly Safe option

Teloz follows a well-informed product development, delivery, certification, and implementation process, ensuring your data is safe. In addition, periodic VAPT accreditation with an independent IT Security Agency guarantees that teloz is up to date with the latest security threats and solutions.

Highly Reliable

Teloz is the only customer experience platform with the best omnichannel capabilities. This means you can handle all your customer interactions from a single platform, regardless of the channels they use – voice, chat, email, social media, or SMS/text, Edtech omnichannel platform. 

Edtech Omnichannel Platform
Edtech Omnichannel Platform

Smooth Fix up process & Supervision for WFH

Teloz ’s customer engagement platform is easy to set up and can be used from any device or location. The platform provides a secure, enterprise-grade edtech omnichannel platform communication solution for brands working from home. Streamline your communication process with students using Teloz ’s customer engagement platform.

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Important CX Features for this industry

Edtech Omnichannel Platform

Guiding Students

Make online payments and access performance reports. Get information without having to speak to a customer service executive. Minimize incoming call volume and enhance customer satisfaction. Save time and money by using the self-service portal with edtech omnichannel platform.

Transparent & Live Monitoring

Get real-time, transparent monitoring of your contact center operations. Keep track of KPIs and agent activity with campaign-level dashboards. Supervisors can make well-informed decisions based on call summary data. Use device health monitoring dashboards for an extensive view of your contact center.

Edtech Omnichannel Platform
Edtech Omnichannel Platform

Deliver quicker response with automated dispersion

Enhance customer satisfaction with faster and exact responses. Automated routing distributes calls to the edtech omnichannel platform’s best-suited agent, minimizing wait time and human error. Increase First Call Resolution (FCR) with intelligent routing. Give excellent customer service through the efficient and exact distribution of calls. 

Easy to use on any device

Get your team up and running in hours, on days. Work from anywhere, on any device. Supervisors can handle more agents with less time invested. Pay for only the agents you need when you need them. In this way, you can reduce company expenses on a large scale.

Edtech Omnichannel Platform
Edtech Omnichannel Platform

Higher Agent Productivity

Edtech omnichannel platform Resolve customer issues quicker with the best customer support tools. Arm your agents with a single view of all interaction channels and customer data. Help them better cater to student and parent queries with a knowledge base with Edtech omnichannel platform. Make their jobs more straightforward and more efficient.

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Teloz Customer Engagement Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

A call center software for edtech helps brands easily handle incoming and outbound calls. This can include making sales calls, taking customer support, or even handling inquiries from new students. 

You can Connect with students on any channel. Streamline communication across touchpoints and Enhance customer satisfaction and retention rates. Offer a personalized student experience.

An Edtech Call Center Solution enables the brands to Address students’ and parents’ grievances effectively Reach out to students via outbound calling Connect with students on their preferred channel.