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Helpdesk Ticketing System Features

All the Features of a Helpdesk Ticketing System You Require to Help Your Customers

Helpdesk Ticketing System

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

Teloz System of Omnichannel Ticketing

Allow your staff to communicate with and understand your consumers more effectively than ever before. Utilizing the Teloz Helpdesk ticketing system


To make every interaction matter, utilize call recording and quality control from Teloz. Our practical solutions provide contextual data from each interaction with your agents, enabling you to identify areas for development.

Via social media

You may communicate with your consumers using social media engagement features on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and the Google Play store! You will always receive all client inquiries and interactions.


When a customer is exploring our website, Teloz gives them a direct line of communication with one of our representatives. As a result, they can receive customized answers to their questions without switching.

Through SMS

Thanks to Through SMS service, you may communicate with your consumers even when they are not online. You can offer your consumers the same high standard of service with SMS, whether online or offline.

Phone application

Teloz Agent App is ideal if you're searching for a manageable, business-ready contact center solution. Teloz software allows your agents to take or make calls, interact with clients about their inquiries, and more.

Via youtube

Suppose you want to interact with your customers on YouTube! You can respond to comments using our user-friendly platform's unified agent desktop, making it simple to keep track of all your conversations.

Teloz Features and technologies for agent productivity

Update on Third Party Tickets

Your employees can update clients on external systems while maintaining the accuracy of linked customer data in your files. Removing the need to update multiple helpdesk ticketing systems is simple. For example, the update on Third Party Tickets is simple.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis is an AI-based technique that enables agents to map out customers' intentions and actions, resulting in more fruitful and successful interactions. Sentiment Analysis will allow your team to swiftly and effectively satisfy your consumers' demands.

Call ticket handles

Your customer care can easily keep track of tickets and calls with the help of our call ticket handles. As a result, your consumers can submit several complaints in a single ticket. This makes it simple for your agents to address problems fast and deliver top-notch support.

Desktop agent

Desktop Agent is transforming customer support. Your customer support representatives will view all contact channels and customer information with them. As a result, your representatives can give your customers superior customer service with helpdesk ticketing systems.

Cross process context

The companies that wish to deliver a fantastic experience while streamlining their procedures. Cross-process customer engagement enables agents to understand the context of every conversation, even when campaigns support a client.

Field agent application

You can take real-time management of last-mile ticket resolution with Teloz, streamlining field operations and giving your agents more power than before. Your agents' productivity will increase with the ability to examine and close their tickets with helpdesk ticketing systems.

The business process with automation

Rules for Routes

For companies wishing to automate their workflow, The Rules for Routes is the ideal option. This helpful tool makes it simple to set routing algorithms that work for your company's operations and speed up the procedures.

Prioritization of Tickets

Ticket prioritization is automated with Teloz's new Prioritization of Tickets offer. This allows you to concentrate on more crucial tasks. The product uses sentiment analysis and other variables to assign its priority automatically.

Ticket resolver

Ticket resolver can assist your agents in swiftly and effectively resolving comparable tickets. Agents can swiftly resolve multiple tickets with the same subject and sender name thanks to our innovative ticket merging tool. This can help keep your consumers satisfied while saving critical time and money.

Rule engine

Using our state-of-the-art rule engine, you can set up several business rules to automate your daily tasks. This will allow you to concentrate on more crucial matters while leaving the dull jobs to us. Additionally, our highly scalable system allows you to add more users as your business expands quickly.

Teloz Help Center

Reports Scheduler

This application allows you to send standard and customized reports to managers and supervisors at the best time to analyze reports. The frequency of providing these reports can be controlled. Any company that routinely sends reports would consider this product well.

Monitoring Dashboard

The Help Center Monitoring Dashboard is the ideal tool for learning more about the effectiveness of your customer service team. You may evaluate your agents' performance and spot any areas for improvement using historical and actual data. In addition, you may monitor your campaigns' development.

Operation monitoring

You will be able to monitor your campaigns' effectiveness and your agents' performance. You can get all the information you need from Teloz. You can manage your tickets, agent performance, and promotions in one location. The nicest part is that it is simple to use.

Overhead Vision

With Teloz Overhead Vision, you can thoroughly grasp your help desk system and an overview of how it is doing, making it the best help desk system available. Any company that depends on a help desk system to run efficiently has to have this capability.

Teloz Self-service for customers

Integration of chatbots

Chatbot can help you address problems quickly and effectively and are a terrific way to provide customers with self-service. In addition, you can provide a seamless, AI-powered consumer experience with integration.

Client Portal

Customers can create, reopen, or keep an eye on their tickets using the Client Portal's mobile customer portal. This empowers them to take control of their contacts with your company and receive the assistance they require on their terms.

Information Base

Our client self-service is specifically created to allow consumers to assist themselves, allowing them to swiftly and simply obtain the information they require. Clients can easily find solutions to their issues by browsing our knowledge base rather.

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