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Inbound Call Center

Inbound Software Centre offers the best routing options to ensure every customer is attended to with the least disruption. It routes call intelligently, ensuring customers are not left on hold or passed around needlessly everywhere. 

inbound outbound call center

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

Reasons to have Teloz inbound call center

Best Available Agent

Route customers to the best available agent right away. Increased CSAT with intelligent routing algorithms. Offer your customers a superior inbound and outbound call center. This will avoid confusion among the employees of the company. 

Inbound Outbound Call Center
inbound outbound call center

Provide Interactive IVR to the customers with Teloz

Keep customers happy and satisfied by answering their queries on their own Easy to use and configure so that you can tailor it to your specific needs. Helps take some of the burdens off your agents so they can focus on more critical tasks. Inbound outbound call center and prioritized routing help ensure that customers are dealt with promptly.

Motivate Agents to deliver a personalised contact experience with Teloz

Deliver a contextual, personalized customer experience with our inbound outbound call center. In addition, CTI & CRM integration provides your agents with customer information like interaction history and contact information, creating a good brand image.

inbound outbound call center
inbound outbound call center

Calculate Incoming Calls using Teloz

Know your team’s productivity in real-time and make changes as needed. Keep up with customer service standards with accurate reports on inbound outbound call center. Supervisors can monitor calls and chats to give real-time coaching and feedback. Get notifications on KPIs at the frequency you desire.

Enhance Communication by Integrating with the Best Apps

Deliver consistent support with integrations to CRM software. Improve agent productivity and decision-making with real-time insights. Connect with more customers through popular channels like chat, social media, and phone. Reduce customer effort with a simplified customer experience.

Inbound Outbound Call Center

Additional inbound call center Features

Merge with Agent Desktop

Eliminate the need to toggle between different applications and windows to access customer data. Reduce the time it takes agents to find information and resolve customer interactions.

Call with just a click

Spend less time dialling phone numbers. Increase productivity by eliminating the need to search through a contact list. Connect with potential customers faster and more easily.


Maximise agent productivity by routing them to queues with the highest call volume. Keep customers happy by ensuring that they are always speaking to an available agent urgently.

Team Management

Internal chat for accessible communication between team members. Call transfer to hand off calls to other agents easily. Call conference to multiple team members into a single call.

Call Scoring

Improve call quality with automated scoring Score calls based on different parameters for better analysis. This will help you to enable customer experience with better call quality.

Line Management

Speed up your inbound software customer interactions. Improve call center agent productivity Automate the dialing process. Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your customer interactions.

Number Hiding

Protect there customer privacy with masked numbers. Keep your data secure with call masking. Also get real-time insights into the customer interactions.


Mask the dual tone multi-frequency to ensure maximum privacy for customers' sensitive data. Protect your customer's privacy with our easy-to-use DTMF masking tool.

Call Back System

Increase customer satisfaction by providing callback service. Get more leads and close more sales with the follow-up inbound software. Improve your customer service response time efficiently.

Take your Customer Experience to the Next level with

Teloz Customer Engagement Platform

Message, Video, Phone, SMS, Chat, and CRM All In A Single App.​

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