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Unified Agent Desktop simplifies user engagement

There will no longer be seeking for customer data. Single panel with all data to efficiently handle consumer issues with best agent experience.
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Unified Agent Desktop

Use a single screen to handle several interaction streams with Teloz

From a single location, empower your operators to provide customer service via telephone, mail, chatting, and social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and others. The operator isn’t required to respond to each line of the communication independently via several login windows.

Obtain Important User Information for the Correct Context

A unified platform provides operators with access to all client data and interactions. They may also look at information from all linked apps, such as CRM and other internal systems, in a centralized platform without switching between tabs. As a result, with rapid and straightforward access to required information, offering contextual conversations and tailored services become more accessible.
unified agent desktop
unified agent desktop

Prioritize tickets depending on the severity of the issue

The unified agent desktop may need help prioritizing tickets. For example, a new stack of tickets may hide or obscure vital tickets. Fusion CX’s Heat Map analyses and identifies crucial situations for contact center agents, making locating keys that need to be closed simple. The Smart Mode option also enables operators to categorize tickets based on the heat index, allowing them to identify urgent issues that require immediate attention.

Teloz Handle multiple ticketing tasks with Unified Agent Desktop

Because all forms of contact center agents are aggregated on one panel, operators can quickly handle numerous ticketing procedures. Combining similar tickets, breaking up challenging keys into smaller jobs for faster resolution, and assigning tickets more appropriately can improve operator efficiency.
unified agent desktop
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Teloz Getting quick answers is easy with the unified Agent Desktop Knowledge Base

Operators may also use the unified agent  desktop solutions to access a knowledge base, which improves their capacity to reply to customer engagement rapidly without passing them on to another boost agent or leaving them on wait.

Internal Chat provides real-time Unified Agent Desktop Assistance

When operators want further information or instruction, they can use the internal chat tool to speak with other agent experience. It allows unified agent desktop agents to make more accurate decisions and enhance ticket resolution rates by providing actual information on Teloz Help Desk Software issues.
unified agent desktop

With this new tool, you may improve your helpdesk operations

Analysis of Emotions

Arm your operators with customer experience such as mood, purpose, and behaviour to produce intelligent discussions.

Productivity increases among agents

Make your operators' lives easier with the best Customer Support Tools, Analytics, and Expertise.

Take your Customer Experience to the Next level with

Teloz Customer Engagement Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Unified Agent Desktop is a tool that provides a single interface for agents to manage multiple customer communication channels, such as email, phone, chat, and social media. It simplifies the agent's experience by providing all the necessary information and tools in one place, reducing the need to switch between different systems.

Teloz's Unified Agent Desktop simplifies the customer support experience by allowing agents to handle all customer interactions from one place, regardless of the channel. This reduces the need for customers to repeat their issues or information, as agents can easily access all previous interactions and information about the customer. The unified interface also enables agents to respond quickly and efficiently, improving the overall customer experience.

Teloz's Unified Agent Desktop offers several features, including a unified inbox, which consolidates all customer interactions in one place, a knowledge base integration that allows agents to access relevant information quickly, and a call management system that enables agents to make and receive calls directly from the interface. It also provides a range of collaboration and productivity tools to help agents work more efficiently.

Yes, Teloz's Unified Agent Desktop is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. The interface is intuitive and customizable, enabling agents to personalize their workspace to suit their needs. Additionally, Teloz provides training and support to help agents get started and make the most of the tool.

Yes, Teloz's Unified Agent Desktop can be customized to meet specific business needs. The interface is highly customizable, allowing businesses to tailor the look and feel to match their branding. Additionally, Teloz provides a range of configuration options, such as custom fields and workflows, to meet unique business requirements.