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With omnichannel contact center solutions regardless of their location

Consumers can be reached by Mail, Phone, Social Networks, or Conversation. A single perspective of the consumer’s interaction path Connectivity with popular CRM and third-party programs is native. Improve efficiency by omnichannel call center software automating call center operations.

Call center software

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

Omnichannel Solution for Individualized Consumer Service

Unified Operator Desktop eliminates the need for workers with Teloz

Omnichannel contact center solutions Provide your operators with all the tools they require to be more effective, such as an easy-to-use interface that allows them to work on one screen for all contacts across various channels, such as voice mail, mail chat messaging, or social platform update postings.

Call center software

Increased productivity through omnichannel contact center solutions

To assure a timely resolution, effectively route inbound contacts from different networks to the appropriate agent depending on the agent’s ability, burden, type of consumer, or urgency. Recommended Operator Routing, Committed Operator Routing, are all intelligent omnichannel call center software automation capabilities.

The Influence of Sentiment Analysis

You can comprehend your customers’ purpose with Teloz omnichannel contact center solutions. Its sophisticated AI-powered sentiment analysis skills allow you to understand their feelings. Automate your customer interactions with AI, identifying angry, irritated consumers and route them.

Screening, analyzing, and control in real-time

Monitor and evaluate your operators’ real-time performance across all primary metrics that are important to your organization. Teloz omnichannel contact center solutions you to take charge of live connections, assess performance, and make necessary adjustments to your operational strategy.

Specify your company's unique setups

Teloz Omni knows your organization and is designed to meet its expectations. It allows you to establish your own terms and conditions, set your business specifications, customize your reports and visualizations, and much more.
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Abilities for sophisticated team cooperation

Your operators may seek omnichannel contact center solutions from their coworkers and supervisors, whereas contact center supervisors may need to communicate with one operator or their whole staff at once to make an introductory statement. In such circumstances, team communication abilities are essential for resolving user inquiries quickly and running effective operations.

Teloz CRM connectors are already supported

Teloz’s omnichannel contact center solutions is compatible with various workforce management systems, CRM applications, and operating systems. It also enables custom integrations using APIs, allowing organizations to combine them with their in-house CRMs.


All Channels, One Interface

Improve customer relationships and grow your business faster by leveraging the power of communication. Engage with customers at each stage through their preferred channels for interaction, like text or social media messages--even when they're not buying anything!

Automated Operations, Streamlined Workflows

Simplify your processes with sophisticated business rules in omnichannel contact center solutions to get more completed in less time. The omnichannel contact center solutions is a robust tool for automating rules based on event triggers, such as when an operator begins their shift.

Complete Monitoring, One Dashboard

With teloz's omnichannel contact center solutions, you can now have complete monitoring on one dashboard. Our omnichannel call center software allows for real-time tracking of calls, emails, and chats in addition to recording agent performance metrics.

Powerful CRM Integrations, Hassle-Free CX

CRM connection helps agents to get client information and respond to inquiries quickly which improve the consumer experience. Using broad integration capabilities, an omnichannel contact center solutions solution can allow your consumers to approach you via their preferred channel.

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Teloz's Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions for Effective Communication Purposes.

End-to-end enterprise-grade encryption

End-to-end encryption secures data with advanced algorithms, protecting between sender and receiver. Vital for businesses with sensitive information to prevent cyberattacks and breaches.


Installation through the cloud

The omnichannel contact center solutions from Teloz may be quickly and simply set up through the cloud. This eliminates the need for costly on-premise equipment, and the program may be up and operating in minutes. The software from Teloz is intended to provide a complete range of capabilities for enterprises of all sizes.

Knowledge of Consumer Engagement

Teloz’s omnichannel call center software assists businesses in communicating with their consumers. The program features a dashboard that displays information on client behavior, such as how frequently they contact the firm and which platforms they choose.

Assured by Worldwide Brands

Teloz offers dependable, omnichannel call center software that some of the world’s most well-known companies use. Teloz’s dedication to consumer loyalty is seen in its history of providing dependable software and omnichannel contact center solutions services.
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Frequently Asked Questions

An omnichannel contact center is a contact center that allows its customers to communicate with them via their preferred channel. These omnichannel call centers are strategized to enhance their customer experience by providing them comprehensive access to various available channels.

Ameyo Omnichannel contact center solution supports a variety of communication channels that include Email, Webchat, SMS, Mobile App, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), Social Messenger (Facebook Messenger, Twitter Messenger, Whatsapp)

Teloz omnichannel solutions for call center incorporate a wide variety of advanced routing capabilities such as Preferred Agent Routing , omnichannel contact center solutions, Dedicated Agent Routing, and Routing based on the inputs from a third-party system. With this, Teloz is also backed up with some basic routing algorithms such as Skill-Based Routing and Least Recently Used Routing.

Teloz Omni supports a number of detailed reports that include Conversation Summary Report, Interaction Summary Report, ACD Call Details Report, Call Details Report, omnichannel contact center solutions and Chat Details Report . These reports help supervisors and contact center managers to quantify various operational metrics.

Teloz Voice comprises all modern capabilities and features that smoothens the customer journey and maximizes customer satisfaction. The major highlights of the software are customizable IVR, automated routing, auto dialers- Predictive Dialer, Progressive Dialer, Preview Dialer, and Parallel Predictive Dialer, number masking capability, and CRM integration.