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autodialer software to Enhance Call Conversions

Automated dialer software can be valuable for any customer service department looking to optimize its call conversions. Teloz’s autodialer software calls to be placed automatically.
Autodialer Software

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

What is the meaning of Auto Dialer in Teloz ?

A software tool called an autodialer is used to phone several numbers from a database automatically. It can be set up to receive recorded responses, dial phone numbers for an operator, or leave messages on answering machines for people. Autodialer software is the best approach to connect automatically with prospects and customers.

Autodialer Software

Features of Autodialer Software Of Teloz

Dialing based on agent skills

This new predictive dialing method matches contacts with an agent's skill and expertise. So, if you have a customer who speaks Spanish, they will be automatically routed to an agent who speaks Spanish. This way, you can be sure that every customer is getting the best possible service.

Identify Human or Machine

Here is the perfect solution if you're looking for a product that can help determine whether a machine or human is on the other end of the line. You can be sure that your calls will only connect to a live person, So no more waiting for an answering machine to pick up.

Auto answering function

Turning on this function will automatically receive dialer calls from agents, liminating the need to wait for the ringtone. They can converse with customers for an extended period and wait for less. As a result, Teloz contact center software can significantly improve a business's customer support capabilities.

Voice messages

Using this effective tool, you can quickly send automatic pre-recorded audio messages to anyone on your contact list. Reach thousands of potential consumers by making bulk voice calls. Teloz also transcribes voice messages into text for those who prefer written communication.

Principal Advantages of Teloz Autodialer Software

Enhance your Sales

This software is made to assist you in improving your call connections and conversion rate to boost your company's revenue.

Time Saving

Our call filtering system only connects your agents with human leads autodialer software by utilizing answering machine identification.

Great productivity

You must automate your outbound calling if you want to sharply increase agent productivity and efficiency while using a smaller staff.

Superior Management

The management will always be aware of when to begin placing calls. Additionally, thanks to its outbound calling activity planner.

Increase business Speed

You want to speed up business and collections. Your sales can increase by an unheard-of margin by autodialer the calling procedure autodialer software.

Handle of campaigns

Manage all campaigns effortlessly with Teloz Autodialer software. It controls when each call is placed, records client interactions, and sets up follow-up calls.

Fully automated

Autodialer software offers a fully automated option for customer care representatives to make calls without manually dialing numbers.

Truecaller identification

Truecaller Identity can increase call pick-up rates. So start To increase productivity and conversion rate.

How does Auto Dialer work in Teloz?

at your desk

Contact Upload

It simply divides and posts client contact information to various dialing lists.

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Autodialer Software
Autodialer Software
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Organize Your Dial List

You can set up the guidelines for your contacts using our “Organize your dial list” software. Doing this can better manage your contacts and guarantee that the right calls are placed at the appropriate times autodialer software.


Dialer Handles

Anyone who wants to ensure that their outgoing calls are made successfully and efficiently should use the handle dialer. You can adjust your settings to meet your requirements, ensuring that you consistently obtain the finest outcomes autodialer software.

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Autodialer Software
Wholesale VoIP Providers
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After-Call Management

A company must have after-call management software if it relies on phone calls to generate leads. It enables you to swap leads between dialing lists based on the call’s outcome so you can follow up with the most potential prospects.

Teloz Top Dialer

Improvement Dialers

You can have great productivity with improved autodialer software because it is your ideal answer. For example, suppose your call center uses low-volume, high-value lead lists. Teloz improved the autodialer as it only places calls when an agent is willing to take calls, preventing the likelihood of sending customers a quiet buzz.

Wholesale VoIP Providers
Wholesale VoIP Providers

Smart Predictive Dialer

Our predictive dialer is ideal if you need to make many calls. It decreases the time your agents are idle between calls by applying predictive analytics to maximize productivity. It can recognize busy signals, answering machines, and hung-up calls so that calls are only sent to agents after the customer connects.

Sample Dialer

Give your agents the tools to research a consumer before contacting them. A sample autodialer software is highly advised if you have elevated leads on your calling list. Using a sample dialing technique, your agents can see the call on the list. It enables your staff to plan and provide a tailored customer experience.

Autodialer Software

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Increase and Decrease Order Dialer

Our order-based Dialer best serves your company's needs. In addition, this Dialer is ideal for any outbound call center operation since it allows for posting and sorting contact information in increasing and decreasing.

Based on Call Attempts Dialing

Your dialer will be automatically adjusted due to this adjustment based on how many times you have dialed each contact. Therefore, if a person has received numerous calls recently, it will move them down the list.

Automatic Multi-Contact Dialer

A dialing strategy combines multiple contact filters and dials out prospects based on the new filter. Multiple Contact filters can be connected to the autodialer, e.g., Last retry time, number of attempts, and customer type.

Teloz Solution for Call Centers uses an Auto Dialer

Data Centers

You can benefit from Teloz for your business. Your clients will be more inclined to answer your calls if they believe they are calling a mobile phone.

Leading Voice experience in the Industry

For voice solutions, Teloz is the market leader. Teloz is a well-known brand in the marketplace, offering solutions suitable for all businesses.

Compatible with corporate CRM systems

Teloz autodialer are the ideal answer for companies using customer relationship management (CRM) systems to manage customer data.

Enhanced with Modern Features

For modern enterprises, Teloz autodialer are the ideal tool. Thanks to their cutting-edge features, they provide you with everything you need to stay.

Take your Customer Experience to the Next level with

Teloz Customer Engagement Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Auto dialer is a software used in the Outbound Call center that automatically dials the number from the contact list. Autodialer software helps agents to save time and improve their productivity while reducing agent’s idle time. Auto dialer is mostly used in the collection department, telemarketing, e-commerce, and more.

Like the name suggests, an auto dialer automates outbound calling by autodialer india contact numbers from the uploaded lead list. At the same time, the software can detect whether the call has been answered by a live person or an answering machine or there is a busy tone.

A good autodialer software will only connect the agent when a live person answers the calls – skipping answering machines or busy tone. In case an agent is unavailable, the auto dialer plays an automated message. However, organizations set different algorithms based on their requirement.

autodialer india software can have a number of use cases based on the business requirements. However, it is generally used for lead generation, lead conversion, promotion, and surveys.

The features of Teloz call center autodialer are as follows:-

Answering Machine Detection
Auto Dial Time Restriction
Campaign Management
DNC Management
Retry Time Setting
Auto Dial List Upload
Agent-Skill based Dialing

A configurable auto dialer software intelligently identifies the best time to call the customer based on past interactions and the availability of the agent to ensure higher call connect rates while allowing the agents to have qualified conversations.