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Have an Enterprise Ready Remote Call Center software

Deploy quickly and easily with omnichannel support. Connect seamlessly to your leading Remote Contact Center Benefit from virtual collaboration and monitoring features. Keep your data secure with PCI DSS compliance.
Remote Contact Center

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

Teloz Establish a good customer relationship

Enhanced Customer Support Efficiency

Increased customer satisfaction as a result of improved response time and accuracy. Reduced customer support costs by allowing customers to resolve their issues. More efficient management of customer data and interactions through comprehensive reporting tools.

Team Alliance

Easily connect with customers through their preferred Remote Call Center software. Maximize your agents to work from anywhere productivity by enabling them to engage in multiple interactions simultaneously. Keep track of all customer interactions and build lasting relationships with your customers.

Having Remote IT & Ops Governance

The continuity of business operations is critical, and our platform enables remote IT and ops governance to maintain that continuity. In addition, our platform provides a single control point for all the remote functions, ensuring consistency and rapid response to issues.

Using Teloz's for business expansion and smooth operations

Work Mode selection capability

Allow your supervisors to track the performance of your agents in both work modes and make data-driven decisions. Enable your agents to have more flexibility and comfort with their work. Decrease the chances of network failure disrupting work. Save time and money by not having to be at an office physically.
Remote Contact Center

Faster Distribution

Deploy your contact center in days rather than weeks or months. Benefit from fortnightly product advancements and robust product development. Focus on delighting your agents and customers. Remote contact center set up in days, fortnightly product advancements, and complete product development.

A 360-degree approach for infrastructure management

Get a 360-degree view of all your remote systems, devices, and environments with Teloz’s Remote Contact Center Infrastructure Management Software. Monitor up to 15 parameters to overcome the unique challenges of managing IT infrastructure remotely. Resolve issues faster with proactive alerts and notifications customized for your remote IT infrastructure.
Remote Contact Center
Remote Contact Center

Have complete control with a centralized contact center

Gain a unified view of all contact center operations, no matter where your agents work. Keep your contact center running smoothly and predictably, even during high call records volume or staff shortages. Scale your contact center operations up or down as needed without worrying about the infrastructure requirements.