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Nicolas S. Alverson

Back-End Developer

Programming languages like Java, Python, or PHP to create server-side code

About Us

Understanding business objectives

A back-end developer needs to understand the company's business objectives to provide solutions that align with the company's goals.

Developing and maintaining systems

Nicolas is Responsible for designing, developing, includes working on databases and maintaining the company's software systems.

Collaborating with other team

Work closely with other teams such as front-end developers, project managers, and designers to ensure that the software systems are aligned with the company's goals.

Project management

Involved in project management tasks such as estimating project timelines, monitoring progress, and communicating with stakeholders .

Ensuring security and scalability

Need to ensure that the company's software systems are secure and can scale as the company grows.


Back-end developers are responsible for ensuring the security of the company's data and systems. They help to manage data security.