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Paula T. Harris

Chief Financial Officer

Handles the financial management
of a company

About Us

Financial Planning and Analysis

Developing and implementing financial plans that support the company's strategic goals. They analyze financial data and provide recommendations to the CEO and other members of the management team on financial matters.

Accounting and Reporting

Manages the company's accounting function, including the preparation and analysis of financial statements, compliance with accounting regulations, and management of the company to keep the company's financial records.

Risk Management

Responsible for identifying and mitigating financial risks that could impact the company's financial performance. They develop strategies to manage financial risk, such as hedging and insurance of the company.

Capital Management

Oversees the management of the company's capital, including debt and equity financing, investment strategies, business growth, and dividend policy.

Investor Relations

The primary point of contact for investors and analysts, providing information on the company's financial performance and strategic plans.

Performance Measurement

Develop key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the company's financial performance and track progress toward achieving financial goals.