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Unlock the Secrets
of Your Call
Center Performance

Gather essential insight into contact center success. Gain a competitive edge and reach your productivity goals.

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

Provide Optimal Performance in Your Contact Center

Make sure that you provide a superior customer experience with the help of your agents in terms of inbound and outbound performance.

Harness the Power of Contact Center Metrics

Gain a Complete Overview of Your Contact Center’s Operational Metrics and Individual Call Parameters, Including SLA Statistics. Monitor Key Metrics such as Inbound Call Volume & Customer Wait Time with Teloz Dashboards. This is extremely important for increasing efficiency and productivity.

Track Agent Productivity

Teloz’s agent monitoring features allow for tracking of higher productivity with real-time call traffic updates and staff activity monitoring. Important metrics such as call handling time and hold time can be easily monitored to optimize operational efficiency.

Mobile Call Center Empowerment

Get a comprehensive view of campaign performance with Teloz’s most important application. Stay on top of crucial metrics and SLA breaches with real-time monitoring and push notifications. Streamline your contact center operations with Teloz’s powerful mobile call center tracking feature.

Data-Driven Call Center Insights

Teloz offers advanced call center reporting and analytics tools for informed decision-making. Generate customized reports and analyze queue and campaign activities to optimize performance. Empower supervisors with actionable insights to drive success in your call center operations.

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Call Volume Optimization

Maximize call center efficiency through data-driven call volume management.

Remote Performance Monitoring

Efficiently track and evaluate the performance of remote agents in real time.

Call Scoring Enhancement

Optimize call quality and training opportunities through Teloz's feature.

Campaign Optimization

Improve marketing campaign performance through analysis and adjustments.

Real-Time Monitoring

Empower supervisors with up-to-date call center data.

Call Reminders

Never miss a call with Teloz's reminder notification feature for agents.

Call History Access

Access customer call history for more contextual conversations

Customizable Reporting

Customizable reporting for tracking and optimizing call center performance

Scheduled Reporting

Automate report delivery to access important information at set times and dates.

SLA Tracking

Track SLA compliance with Teloz's SLA Tracking for call center supervisors.

Call Recording

Recording of both incoming and outgoing calls for better monitoring and improvements.

Voice Logging

Record calls for employee improvement and training staff.

Take your Customer Experience to the Next level with

Teloz Customer Engagement Platform