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Use Truecaller To Gain Trust and Identity

Get the trust and safety of caller ID elements that project your brand’s confidence and security. Make every call count with the Priority Badge, which gives your callers the attention they deserve. Add context to your business calls with Call Reason to help make better decisions about who to speak with.


Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

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Reasons to use Truecaller for your contact center

Get real-time insights about your customers & see their social media profiles, recent activity, and contact history.

Build a Brand Trust & Identity

Truecaller verified ID helps businesses get found by their target customers and prospects. In addition, truecaller confirmed ID builds trust and credibility with potential customers by assuring.

Add Surroundings to your business call

Enrich customer experience by providing contextual information about the caller Minimize unwanted calls with enhanced caller ID features & enhance customer service through better communication.

Make your business truecaller verified

Add an extra layer of trust for your customers, knowing that Truecaller verifies you. Stand out from other businesses that are not verified. Improve customer satisfaction.

Focus on time-sensitive

Eliminate the guesswork for customers who need to prioritize their time. Ensure that customers feel like they are receiving top-priority service. Reduce caller anxiety and increase customer satisfaction

Enhance Customer Engagement Rates

85% of businesses see an increase in customer engagement rates when they use Truecaller Verified Caller ID. With Truecaller, your customers can trust that your calls are coming from a verified source

Complete Insights For Calling

Enhance call pickup rate as customers can identify your calls as genuine. Know who is calling by seeing their name, photo, and company info before you answer. Make calls more efficient by knowing who to call back and when

Teloz's Integration With Truecaller Business

Superior Caller ID

Increase brand awareness and customer trust by displaying your business name on caller ID. Fight scam calls by displaying a verified company logo on the caller ID.

Caller ID Significance

It streamlines the guesswork of identifying crucial calls and saves valuable time by swiftly pinpointing which calls require your immediate attention.

Verified Tick & Green Badge

Get a verified badge to increase trust with customers & eliminate the risk of losing business due to spam allegations. In addition achieve greater customer

Grouping Number

Get a clear understanding of where your business stands through detailed number grouping. Thenproblems with specific numbers related to each process.

Reasoning Of Calling

Improve customer confidence by letting them know why you are calling before your call is even picked up. Enhance the customer experience by guessing why you are calling.

Call Analytics & Intelligence

get real-time insights on spam call trends, user behavior, and call patterns. Identify specific areas that require improvement and swiftly take corrective actions.

Android & IOS Support

Boost your customer trust with a verified Truecaller business badge on your website and in caller ID. Make it easy for customers to contact you by showing your phone number.

Call Volume based costing

Get cost-effective pricing based on the number of calls on your smartphone with the Truecaller app. Avoid overspending on unwanted calls.