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Teloz Platform Security

Ensure the safety of your contact center’s sensitive information and communication with Teloz’s comprehensive securityfeatures.

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Develop a Secure and Agile Contact Center with the Teloz Platform

Customer Acquisition Framework

Captures organizes, and stores cross-channel conversations for secure communication and record-keeping.

Conformance to regulations

Adhering to contact center regulations requires capabilities for regulatory compliance to avoid legal consequences.

Risk management

High availability and disaster recovery measures are essential for business continuity.


Development lifecycle management

Teloz follows best practices for application development, including certification of each release builds for vulnerabilities using the CVSS Framework, solving vulnerabilities using OWASP best practices, continuous scanning for emotional vulnerabilities and secure penetration, and utilizing static code analysis through tools like SonarQube.

Authentication and authorization

Teloz prioritizes secure through Identity Management and Access Control via Single-Sign-On with SAML, LDAP (Active Directory), and OAuth. In addition, configurable Password Policies and robust hashing algorithms ensure securepassword storage and flexiblesecurity levels.

Software and Information Security

Application and Data Secure requires comprehensive features to reduce threats like Clickjacking and SQL Injection, end-to-end encryption during storage and transmission, and flexible session configurations for enterprise security needs.
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