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Every call is important

Makes it easy for constituents to contact government officials. Reduces the burden on government employees by handling simple inquiries.

Enjoy more features from your phone system

Enhance customer support

Reduce the amount of time needed to support customers

Increase your Sales

Get real-time insights to know what's selling and how.

Handle Operations

Get the data you need to understand customer interactions.

Easily access all vital Information

Call center wallboard software

Get easy-to-read dashboards

Easily create and customize your dashboards. Project your dashboards on a TV screen for team motivation. Access data quickly and efficiently to improve performance.

Evaluate what is the most important

Improve customer service with better visibility into call queue performance Gain insights that help identify and troubleshoot problems in real-time. Make data-driven decisions about staffing, routing, and marketing campaigns.
Real-Time Communication

Have Valuable Information

Real-time dashboards give you immediate insights into queue and agent performance. Customizable dashboards let you track the trends and patterns necessary to your business. Efficient staffing and SLA management through trend analysis

Enjoy high flexibility

Monitor your workforce in real-time from any device, anywhere. Easily manage sales and support teams globally. View reports on the go with mobile and tablet compatibility. Keep track of team activity and performance from one central location.


Get complete details on the Datasheet.



Insights surfaced in near-real-time


Enjoy Superior Quality service with Teloz.

Move one step further

Increase customer engagement and satisfaction with our comprehensive suite of products. Gain real-time insights into customer interactions to improve your service.

Have Important details from call center performance

Understand how your call center is performing and what you can do to improve it. Gain insights into customer behavior, so you can better meet their needs.

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