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Customer Support Solutions through social media

Interact with your consumers on social media in order to grow your customer base.


Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

Teloz Call Center Software will assist in this way

Offer prompt assistance

Whenever a consumer contacts you via Fb, Linkedin, Instagram, Xing, Skype, or LINE, Teloz Call Center Software will instantly initiate a chat. Allow agents to handle client queries using the same interface without switching to some other tab.


Create a Consumer Connection

Customize your conversations with clients and simplify the process for them to contact you using Social Media Customer Service Solutions. Amaze them with prompt responses and gain their trust with Customer Support.

Social for Customer Support Information

Interact and communicate with your consumers on social networks with Customer Support. Lower the amount of time it takes to log into any network and control these operations on the single operator desktop.

866 Area Code

Resolve Issues Effectively

To reduce wait time, you may add notes to conversation chats in Social Media Customer Service Solutions. It makes it easy to determine the context of the communication, allowing staff to react to difficulties more quickly with Social for Customer Support.

Connect out to a larger audience

Reaching potential customer outside your immediate region can be challenging and costly using standard marketing strategies. However, with networks, you can reach specific categories and preferences from around the globe.


With Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform, you can begin your own call center


Both incoming and outgoing calls benefit from live recordings. You may obtain contextual information about each interaction with live recordings.


Your customers will appreciate the prompt responses when you respond to there emails with our automatically generated interactions.


With the help of teloz, consumer interactions can be initiated and received through Web Chat, In-App Chat, or Chat Messenger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Teloz's Social for Customer Support is a platform that provides a comprehensive set of tools for businesses to manage their customer support operations on social media platforms. It allows businesses to track customer queries, respond to them in real-time, and manage their media accounts from a single dashboard.

Teloz's Social for Customer Support can benefit businesses in multiple ways. It helps businesses to manage their accounts, monitor customer queries, and respond to them in real-time. This enhances customer satisfaction and helps businesses to build a strong relationship with their customers. Additionally, the platform provides insightful analytics and reporting that can help businesses to improve their media strategy.

Teloz's Social for Customer Support offers a wide range of features that include real-time monitoring of customer queries across platforms, a centralized dashboard to manage accounts, automated responses, advanced analytics and reporting, and integration with third-party tools such as CRM and help desk software.

Yes, Teloz's Social for Customer Support is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. The platform offers a simple and intuitive interface that allows businesses to manage their accounts and customer queries without any technical expertise. Additionally, the platform offers extensive documentation and support to help businesses get started quickly.

Yes, Teloz's Social for Customer Support can integrate with other tools such as CRM and help desk software. This integration allows businesses to streamline their customer support operations by connecting their accounts with their existing customer support tools.