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IVR system for call centers

With ivr call flow, you can quickly improve Customer Satisfaction & Reduce Operational Costs. In addition, enhancing Agent Productivity with the help of this technology will eventually Increase Revenue.
IVR System

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Meaning of IVR

IVR is a system that will automate your inbound calls, allowing facility businesses to talk to their customers in a pre-recorded voice. You can deliver excellent customer service by automating inbound calls. Gather essential information from customers with DTMF input. Route calls to the appropriate agents for a more streamlined customer service experience.

IVR System
IVR System

Reasons to have an IVR

An IVR software solution can increase customer service efficiency by simultaneously managing many incoming calls. You can also use it to boost customer satisfaction levels, enabling customers to resolve their issues without waiting on hold or speaking to an executive. IVR systems can also manage spikes in call volume.

Types Of IVR System

Agent Assisted

This ivr system type will help you minimize operational costs by automating customer interactions. Deliver consistent customer service through scripted conversations. Maintain a human touch in automated customer interactions

Hosted IVR

Hosted IVR helps to Deliver 24/7 customer service. It can easily enhance customer satisfaction rates. With hosted IVR, you can easily offer an improved customer experience.

Self Service

Resolve customer queries without transferring to a live agent, thus saving time and money. Identify and route callers quickly and easily. Service high call volumes at a lower cost.

Use of IVR Number in Businesses

Personalized Experience

Give a more personalized customer experience. Tailor your ivr system messages to specific callers, increasing caller satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, you can enhance your bottom line by minimizing customer support costs.

Minimize operational costs

ivr call flow systems substitute a receptionist or a customer service agent who answers calls and directs calls to agents. This can lead to extreme cost savings for the company.

Gather Feedback

Gather callers' feedback quickly and easily with an IVR dialer. Get real-time results from your surveys without waiting for the data to be collected and analyzed.

Enhance Call Resolution

Enhance customer satisfaction by directing them to the ideal agent. Avoid the hassle and wait time of call transfer. Direct customers to the most qualified agent for their needs.

Customer care

Automating customer care can save you up to 60% on the cost of service. Routine queries are resolved quickly and effectively, freeing up your team to focus on more complex tasks.

After Hours customer support

You can provide the necessary information to your customers even after office hours. You can give the required information to your customers even after office hours.

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How does IVR function?

First, Dial the DID number

Get the customer’s issue resolved without leaving a voicemail. The ivr call flow system will ask for the customer’s contact information and the nature of their issue.
IVR System
IVR System

Greet them with a pre-recorded message

Speed up efficiency by gathering customer input via DTMF tones. Give a customizable message and prompts to collect the exact information yo