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WebRTC from Teloz: Revolutionizing Real-Time Communication on the Web

Teloz maximizes real-time web communication through the utilization of WebRTCs, an open-source technology. Their solutions empower businesses to create secure, fast, and scalable custom communication applications, revolutionizing web-based interaction. Teloz eliminates the need for intermediary servers, enabling direct communication through web browsers. By leveraging Teloz’s expertise, businesses can fully leverage the transformative potential of it for their communication capabilities on the web.

Real-Time Communication

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What is WebRTC?

It is a set of open-source APIs that enable real-time communication on the web. It allows web browsers to communicate directly with each other, using peer-to-peer connections, without the need for any intermediary servers. It supports a range of media types, including audio, video, and data, and provides a rich set of APIs that enable developers to build real-time applications that are fast, secure, and scalable.

Benefits of Teloz's WebRTC solutions

Teloz’s solutions offer a range of benefits to businesses, including.


Teloz's scalable solutions enable businesses to develop real-time applications that support large user volumes without performance concerns.


Teloz's solutions prioritize security, ensuring all communications are encrypted and safe from unauthorized access.


Teloz’s solutions are designed to be fast, ensuring that real-time communication applications are responsive and performant.


It is a powerful technology that enables real-time communication on the web, allowing web browsers to communicate directly without the need for intermediary servers. Some of the key features of it include the following:


Peer-to-peer communication

It enables real-time exchange of audio, video, and data via browser-to-browser communication.


Secure communication

All communications are private and secure through the use of end-to-end encryption.


Low latency

It is designed to minimize latency, providing a fast and responsive communication experience.



It scalability enables real-time apps that handle large user volumes without performance issues.



It empowers developers to create tailored real-time applications through its comprehensive set of APIs.


No plugins required

It API is a built-in feature of all major web browsers, meaning no plugins or additional software are required.


Adaptive bitrate streaming

It adjusts audio and video quality based on bandwidth through adaptive bitrate streaming support.


Low bandwidth consumption

minimal bandwidth consumption is ideal for real-time apps operating on low-bandwidth networks.

Real-Time Communication

How Teloz is leveraging WebRTC?

Teloz is a leading provider  solutions, offering services that enable businesses to build custom real-time communication applications on the web. Teloz’s  solutions are designed to be easy to use, flexible, and scalable, allowing businesses to build real-time applications that meet their specific needs. Some of the ways Teloz is leveraging it include the following:

Building custom WebRTC applications

Teloz enables businesses to build custom applications that meet their specific needs. Whether it is a video conferencingapp, a live streaming platform, or a real-time chat application, Teloz provides the tools and services businesses need to build custom real-time applications on the web.

Real-Time Communication
Real-Time Communication

Providing WebRTC SDKs and APIs

Teloz provides a range of  SDKs and APIs that enable businesses to integrate real-time communication capabilities into their existing applications. Teloz’s SDKs and APIs are easy to use, flexible, and scalable, making it possible for businesses to add capabilities to their applications with the minimal development effort.

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