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One standard view of customers

Know how customers interact with your brand across all channels. Identify customers’ propensity to buy and more.

One view of Customers

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

Direct contextual interactions with customers

Please keep track of all interactions with customers and have access to their entire history in one place. This will help resolve issues more quickly and effectively.

Quickly gain insights into your team’s performance and see how they interact with customers. Identify areas that need improvement and coach your team accordingly. 

One View of Customers
One View of Customers

Monitor Left Interactions with Teloz

Resolve customer queries faster and provide a personalized experience. You can also filter customer queries across channels & get the context of the missed conversation. Fetch all the relevant one view of customers data to resolve the query

Process of Customer Interaction

Get a complete view of customer interactions across channels. Respond to customers on their preferred media & resolve issues and answer queries quickly. Understand the path that one view of customers are taking to reach you.

One View of Customers
One View of Customers

Live CRM Updation One view of Customers

Access customer information in real-time, improve efficiency & reduce handling time for conversations, and increase productivity. Keep customer
data updated across all systems for a seamless experience.

Answer through more than one Media with Teloz

Reply to customers from a single screen, regardless of the communication channel. Increase customer satisfaction by responding quickly and effectively to inquiries. Provide excellent customer service with the help of live chat, email, and call support in one place.

One View of Customers

Handle Relationships with Omnichannel Contact Center


Increase one view of customers satisfaction with real-time responses. Lower support costs with efficient chat software.


Automatically generate interactions that will help you to delight your one view of customers with quick response.


Improve one view of customers service with rich data and contextual recording. Increase sales with powerful.